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  • Playing To My Strength (021)

    Dec 7 2021

    About a year and half ago, I stumbled into my first experience at making instructional videos. A friend had suggested I make a couple of videos on using Audacity. I knew next to nothing about making videos but I decided to jump in and see what it was like. Now, a year and a half later, I've published over 200 instructional videos, most of them teaching Audacity. Based on the response I've received, instructional and tutorial videos have emerged as a strength of mine I didn't know I had until after taking that initial video plunge.

    That being said, I've decided to put this podcast on hiatus for the time being to give more attention to the video side of things and develop that further. Videos are where I'm getting the traffic and traction so I need to turn my attention fully in that direction for now. While this podcast will still be there, I won't be adding any new episodes to it for the time being. I have a few ideas for it but now isn't the right time for me. I am still online at the following places:

    The 3 courses I teach can be found at:

    I recorded this episode in my Zoom H6 recorder using my Audio-Technica AT2040 microphone and I edited it in Audacity version 3.1.3 Beta 1.


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  • New Audacity Manual Proposed (020)

    Nov 21 2021

    Audacity has announced plans to create a new online manual to replace the current one. The new manual will have a cleaner look and (it looks like) easier navigation. In addition, it can include video tutorials. I believe this would be a huge step forward in the betterment of Audacity. The link below will take you to Audacity's public announcement regarding the new online manual.

    Audacity version 3.1.2 is out and includes a fix to the loop function that I mentioned in an earlier video. I created a video showing that fix and other functions of the new loop feature including the Play-at-Speed tool and the Effects Preview button. The link to that video is below as well. Check it out when you can.



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  • Moving Audio Clips in Audacity 3.1.0 With Sync-Lock Tracks Enabled (019)

    Nov 17 2021

    I think I’ve uncovered a problem in Audacity version 3.1.0 regarding sync-lock tracks and the new way of moving audio clips. I use sync-lock tracks on every podcast I do to keep the intro/outro music and narration synched together but separate from the host and guest(s), who are also in sync with each other. When Audacity announced the new way of moving audio clips, beginning in version 3.1.0, my first thought was how that was going to work with sync-lock tracks enabled. It’s different now and you need to know about it if you use sync-lock tracks like I do. 

    The video I mentioned showing these changes can be found here:

    My recording setup for this episode. NOTE: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying Amazon purchases. This does not affect pricing:

    Other places you'll find me:

    The on-demand video courses I teach:

    FYI: Audacity version 3.1.1 is out with some minor bug fixes.


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  • A Deeper Dive Into The Loop Function in Audacity 3.1.0 (018)

    Nov 10 2021

    The loop function in Audacity 3.1.0 has changed significantly. This episode is a deeper dive into those changes and the new attributes of the loop function which are far more complicated than in previous versions.

    Here's the link to the video I mentioned in this episode:


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  • ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity - Initial Reviews (017)

    Nov 4 2021

    It's been about a week since I launched my latest course at Udemy called ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity. It's an Audacity-only course for creating exceptional audiobooks for ACX using Audacity and only Audacity. And the reviews from those enrolled are starting to surface. In this episode I share a few of them with you so you can hear what others are saying about this brand new course.

    Here's the 1/2 off link I promised in this episode. Keep in mind that this link is only good until November 27, 2021.


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  • New Course Announcement: ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity (016)

    Oct 27 2021

    I have been buried these last couple of months with creating a new online, on-demand video course called ACX Audiobook Production Using Audacity. I'm happy to say that this shiny new course has been rolled out onto the showroom floor as of this morning and it's ready for public consumption. Here's a feel for some of the topics in this new course:

    • The ACX Requirement for Room Tone
    • The ACX Standard for Noise Floor
    • The ACX Standard for File Size
    • The ACX Standard for RMS Loudness
    • The ACX Standard for Sample Rate
    • How to set Audacity Preferences for ACX audiobook recording
    • Simple definitions of Noise Floor, Sample Rate, RMS Loudness, and Bit Rate
    • How to fix narration mistakes as they happen using Punch and Roll Record
    • How to apply Equalization and when
    • How to apply Compression
    • How to level your audio using RMS Loudness to meet ACX requirements for RMS
    • How to apply the Limiter effect to meet ACX standards
    • How to apply the De-Clicker effect to reduce/remove mouth sounds
    • The importance of running Audacity's ACX Check Plugin
    • How to build and run a Macro to automate our process
    • How to clean up breath sounds using Punch Copy/Paste
    • How to clean up breath sounds using Attenuation
    • Content editing and final MP3 export
    • How to meet the ACX requirements for MP3 file size and bit rate

    The course consists of 19 videos, 8 practice assignments, 9 downloadable resources, and 5 quizzes to track your progress. We don't cover things like mic technique, mic placement, vocal technique or inflection, or room conditioning like soundproofing, etc. There are unlimited resources for those important subjects out there and I supply you with the links to several in the last lecture. Instead, we stay fixed on Audacity and how to make it work for us in producing great audiobooks that will pass ACX's requirements. We don't venture into 3rd party software or 3rd party plugins or effects. Instead, I show you how to create exceptional audiobooks for free, using Audacity. Here's the 50% off link to the course I mention in this episode. That's only $12.99 and the link is good for 30 days!

    Here are the links to my two other courses I mentioned:


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    7 mins
  • Starting a Podcast? What Do You Need and How Much Will It Cost? (015)

    Sep 7 2021

    Are you thinking about starting a podcast? What kind of hardware and software will you need and how much is it going to cost? Do I need to sink hundreds of dollars into microphones and other hardware? Do I need to spend thousands of dollars on a studio quality room? How about software training? Am I facing a huge expenditure for software training? These are great questions that need to be asked when taking on any new project and podcasting is no exception. It's also the subject of this podcast episode. Links to things I talk about in this episode (NOTE: The Amazon links above are affiliate links meaning that there is no additional charge to you but if you purchase an item from these links, I'll receive a couple of dollars.)

    You'll find me online at First Person Audio: https://firstpersonaudio.com/


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    18 mins
  • What It's Like Being an Introvert With a Podcast (014)

    Aug 19 2021

    Here's some techy stuff for you: I recorded this episode using my Rode NT1 condenser mic recording into my Zoom H6. I did the editing and post production in GarageBand using the Waves NS1 Noise Supressor Plugin, along with Graphic EQ and a Limiter set to -1dB. I exported it from there as a WAV file and leveled the audio to -19 LUFS with a true peak of -2dB in my Auphonic Desktop App. From there I exported it as a mono MP3 to my audio host.

    I've been giving a lot of thought to why I podcast and that's the topic in today's episode. I'm an introvert (sometimes extremely so) and as of this recording I have 3, count 'em, THREE podcasts. if you are into the enneagram, you should know that I am a 9. Not only that, but I'm a social 9. That means that even though I am an introvert who is sometimes happiest in a quiet room with no one around, I also have something in me that makes me want to be around people. It's like a cruel joke at times.

    I'm a bit of an anomaly to some and maybe just plain weird to others because I seldom do the things that I'm told I need to be doing in order to be successful as a podcaster or video producer. But I'm ok with not doing those things or not being that person because I don't podcast in order to be a huge success that everyone is talking about. I podcast because I find it therapeutic and calming to be alone in a quiet, mostly dark room (except when I'm recording a video - then the room is well lit) talking into a microphone with no one else there. It's good therapy for me. It's my therapy session for the day. I love doing that, even if no one listens or follows. 

    I'm thankful that I have an income that's not tied to my podcasting or video production because if that weren't the case I would have to monetize myself and what I do and I know that I wouldn't be any good at that. Here are some links I talk about in this episode.


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