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  • Nov 1 2022

    We have all heard about the Cookie Wars that are happening in our state. Well long before…there was Tami Steggell with Ruby Snap Cookies. Hear her amazing journey of discovering happiness, passion, & her own lawsuit story.  Listen now.

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    34 mins
  • Sep 14 2022

    Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month.

    To celebrate we have brought you the Olivia Jaramillo,

    The Director of Public Outreach and Training for Equality Utah.

    Olivia is an Immigrant from Mexico, transgender, retired military,

    & amazing human being.  Listen now as she shares how we can

    Make decisions based on either Love or Fear.

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    44 mins
  • Jul 19 2022

    Sometimes there comes along an individual that is a Trailblazer, Visionary, Leader & Innovator all in one. Listen in as Dave and Rosanne sit down with Cyd Tetro, CEO of Brandless who just happens to be one of these individuals.

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    33 mins
  • Jul 13 2022
    We're excited to sit down with Winthrop (Win) Jeanfreau, Executive Director of Impact Utah. Win's team is instructing the first ever Business Mastery 10 week training program for the South Valley Chamber.
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    33 mins
  • Jun 30 2022

    We get to hear from the man, the myth, the legend on our next Podcast.  South Valley Chamber welcomes it’s new COO and VP of Marketing, Don Willie to their team. Relax and listen in as Jen and Dave get to know Don and his vision for the Chamber.  Enjoy!

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    30 mins
  • May 24 2022

    To celebrate our one year Podcast Anniversary, we have put Jennifer and Dave in the hot seat as the guest and brought in Nathan Anderson, the COO of Mountain America Credit Union, to be the interviewer.  You will absolutely love to hear their feedback and what they have learned on this journey.

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    31 mins
  • May 5 2022

    Miles Hansen, President and CEO of World Trade Center Utah, along with Tiffeny yen-Louie, CMO, will educate, & enlighten the listeners about doing business globally.  They’ll discuss topics such as: When is the correct time to expand globally, & Where do I expand first.  Enjoy.

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    42 mins
  • Apr 8 2022

    Child abuse affects 1 in 5 children, and unfortunately the affects can linger

    long into adulthood of the victims.  April is National Child Abuse Awareness month

    and South Valley Chamber has partnered with Saprea (formerly Younique Foundation)

    to bring you awareness and education in this podcast Episode.  Please listen as Matt Hartvigsen,

    the Director of Outreach for Saprea, has a vulnerable conversation with both Jen and dave.

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    51 mins
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