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  • What We Wish We Knew in Our 20's and 30's

    Jan 24 2022

    What happened when Somer and Michelle get their wires crossed prepping for this week's training? Michelle came with three amazing "what I wish I'd known" tips for women in their 20's and Somer came with TEN for women in their 30's. But no worries, Michelle went deep (per usual) so they packed a significant punch while making us do some major evaluating, and Somer reminded us that skin care matters! Just kidding, she got serious, too. Listen, you do not want to miss this wisdom packed episode. 

    Links we promised you: 
    The skincare routine that won't break your bank: cocokind.com

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    38 mins
  • Strengthen My Hands

    Jan 17 2022
    Strengthen My Hands: Release the Dream and Begin the Work with Michelle Myers
    It's hard to dream big and start small. But you know what's even harder? Dreaming big and never starting. But that's typically what happens if we choose to despise small beginnings (Zechariah 4:10). So this is a conversation for the big dreamer who struggles to get started. Bring your Bible and a way to take notes, so we can ground ourselves in truth before we ask the right questions needed to remove all the 'bigness" from your brain until all that's left is the work.
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  • How do I find God's will for my life?

    Jan 10 2022

    This week Somer and Michelle jump into scripture to answer one of the most asked questions from our swHw community, "How do I find God's will for my life?"

    Passage: John 6:28-40

    Some of our favorite moments from today's episode:

    "Belief is an action. Belief is a motivator. Belief is active, it's not still."
    -Michelle Myers

    "The foundation of my faith is the Gospel... Jesus was real."
    -Somer Phoebus

    "If it's not belief that is talking, that is leading, and that is guiding then I can't expect the action and activity that comes out of my life to mirror the work of God because it has to start with a deeply rooted, deeply planted belief."
    -Michelle Myers

    ""Coming to Jesus", it's active and continuous... it shows full dependence."
    -Michelle Myers

    "Partial dependence will only ever bring partial satisfaction."
    -Somer Phoebus 

    "Our everyday movements, actions, community, jobs, hobbies, all of that, will contribute to the over arching will of God."
    -Somer Phoebus

    "Instead of looking for what's next, the belief we have in Jesus is going to make us see that one person. Jesus constantly stopped for one person. He consistently saw the one person."
    -Michelle Myers 

    Links we promised you: 

    Youversion plan: God's Will Is Not Lost 

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  • Unity... So The World Believes

    Jan 3 2022
    On this weeks episode Somer asks Michelle to share her heart on UNITY which is imperative to us at She Works His Way. Because we live in a world full of division, Michelle felt a deep desire to look at Biblical unity more closely. She wanted to understand what it is, why it matters, and why we are so quick to divide. This conversation will give you both spiritual and practical advice to help you better pursue unity with other believers. 
    Some of our favorite moments from todays episode:
    • “Knowing the importance of unity is different than practicing the importance of unity.”
    -Michelle Myers
    • “You cannot be unified by yourself, it requires others to be with you.”
    -Michelle Myers
    • “When you think unity is only possible with other believers who only believe exactly what you believe you create something it was never intended to be. You become unified over something that isn’t Jesus.”
    -Somer Phoebus and Michelle Myers
    • ”We have to protect and prioritize unity instead of our preferences and personal opinion.” 
    -Michelle Myers
    • “Division is usually fueled by some kind of fear. We choose something that is more comfortable because we fear something that is uncomfortable.””
    -Somer Phoebus
    • “LOVE casts out fear. If fear is what fuels division then a lack of love for one another puts fear in our hearts and causes disunity.”
    -Somer Phoebus
    • “A lot of times fear looks like pride.”
    -Michelle Myers
    • “There is nothing that is more important than showing the world we love others and love Jesus.”
    -Somer Phoebus
    • “This will not come if this is a half heart effort.”
    -Michelle Myers
    • “Fellowship is FUN!”
    -Michelle Myers
    • “If more churches had more people that just hung out with each other, than the intimacy of the people would be greater.”
    -Somer Phoebus
    • “When believers lose their unity, something else has become more important than Jesus, 100% of the time.”
    -Michelle Myers
    Scripture we dug into this episode: 
    • John 17 
    • Acts 2

    Links we promised you:
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    46 mins
  • Our Christmas Top 10

    Dec 27 2021

    Christmas Top 10
    We've got a short + fun conversation for you today! On this episode, Michelle and Somer share their favorite Christmas traditions with a quick This or That speed round at the end. 

    Links we promised you: 

    Advent Blocks 

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    27 mins
  • December Q&A: Part 2

    Dec 20 2021

    We've got part 2 of the Q&A episode we started last week and here are the questions Michelle and Somer are answering... 

    1. I have trouble navigating between loving people and doing my work for free. Can we talk about that?

    2. I'm on the verge of burnout, how can I prevent going over? 

    3. I'm done. Totally burnt out. How can I get back to serving where I am joyfully?

    4. How can I get my husband to be better at communicating his emotions?

    5. I desire community but can't find anyone else who desires it. Help!

    If you're not apart of the SWHW Network yet, and desire a space where you can have conversations like these, join us today! We'd love to have you. 

    SWHW Network, we can't wait to see you in our live workshop on January 12th. Look for the details and link to join coming soon to your inbox. 

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    37 mins
  • December Q&A: Part 1

    Dec 13 2021
    In today's episode, Somer and Michelle answer a few questions sent in by you, the SWHW Network. And spoiler alert: they're really good!

    Here's what we cover in Part 1 of our December Q&A: 
    1. How do I handle the people that are the most difficult in my life?
    2. How do I know what my purpose is or the spiritual gift that God wants me to use?
    3. Any suggestions on resources for budgeting? 
    4. What are your techniques for turning the conversation away from politics with friends and family?
    5. What can I pray and are there practical ways for me to stay focused?
    Want to hear a few of our favorite takeaways? Head to the blog!
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  • How We Plan to "Go Local"

    Dec 6 2021

    You've heard us talk about our deep desire to see women discipling and being discipled.

    You've listened to us share our burden for women who feel like they don't have community.

    So in this episode we're sharing how God has led us to a new ministry opportunity in making sure we are a community who makes disciples that make disciples. Come listen in! 

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