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  • Sam and Wayne, Friends and Followers

    Oct 24 2021

    Wayne talks about some of Sam's friendships, and also announces that this will be the last podcast episode (and blog posting) of My Sam Johnson. If you've been a follower of the podcast, and you'd like a free signed copy of the book when it's published in 2022, listen in for Wayne's email and text number (613-884-8953), so that he can contact you.

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    7 mins
  • Sam Prays

    Oct 22 2021

    Wayne discusses God and Sam's prayers to that God, as well as the fact that in the prayers that Sam composed, using time well and getting things done are major focuses. Bonus: there's also some talk about sex and sensuality.

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    20 mins
  • Details from Sam's Biographers: Who Thinks What Is Important

    Oct 16 2021

    Wayne talks about the process of writing a biography, where often you have to gather all the information you can find about the person, but then cannot use all that information because it wouldn't make for a readable biography.

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    19 mins
  • Sam's Signature

    Oct 7 2021

    Wayne talks about Sam's signature on letters, and then goes on to discuss letter-writing in the 18th and 21st centuries.

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    30 mins
  • Sam Takes a Long Trip to Scotland

    Sep 30 2021

    Wayne talks mostly about three road trips to the US he's taken with his friend Oscar, as well as a bit about plans for the book.

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    23 mins
  • What Was Sam Up to as a Gen Z?

    Sep 24 2021

    Wayne talks about what he—Wayne—was up to in his early 20's.

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    27 mins
  • Sam's Selfies

    Sep 17 2021

    Wayne talks about the various portraits of Sam Johnson, but the discussion somehow also morphs into selfies of avocado toast and Kim Kardashian's ass, but Wayne recovers and ends up talking about the demise of literary writing. (Is that a recovery?) He ends by talking about the biography of Sam that he is writing and the website that will complement it.

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    18 mins
  • Sam and Universities

    Sep 9 2021

    Wayne talks about freedom of expression at universities, pivoting from the recent resignation of assistant professor of philosophy Peter Boghossian from Portland State University. Also: the study of Sam in English departments.

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    22 mins
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