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  • Ep. 28 Anthems of Defiance ft. Among These Ashes

    Jan 21 2022
    Proud to bring you this week's episode. This week, we invited a new band with some old, familiar faces. The band is https://www.facebook.com/AmongTheseAshesMetal (Among These Ashes). The band features Richard Clark, whom you have all heard here doing his normal country thing. This time, he brings us his new METAL band featuring a monster lineup that is guaranteed to please even the most hardcore metalheads. They have a new record that is soon to be released named Dominion Enthroned. Check out the interview, then go get your hands on the new record! And as always, if you have comments, show suggestions, or would like to be a guest, I can be emailed at: riotonthesetmedia@gmail.com
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    56 mins
  • Ep. 27 It's The Source, Of Course! ft. SourceofCourse

    Jan 14 2022
    We're back with another episode and this time, our guest is one of my favorite TikTok'ers, SourceofCourse. We chat it up about hip hop, music in general, the NFL playoff's, and a few other random things. As always, comments, show requests, and interview requests can be emailed to: riotonthesetmedia@gmail.com
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    1 hr and 11 mins
  • Ep. 26 Bravo to Anthems & Icons ft. 80 Empire

    Dec 22 2021
    It's time for another dose of the Noize and this time, I'm totally honored to sit down with hip hop duo of brothers that I was recently introduced to, https://www.facebook.com/80Empire (80 Empire.) We chat about their brilliant new record, https://soundcloud.com/80empireofficial/sets/anthems-icons (ANTHEMS AND ICONS), what inspires them, musical influences, and so much more. If you buy one record this year, I co-sign the hell out of this one! As always, comments, show suggestions, and requests to be a guest on the show can all be emailed to: riotonthesetmedia@gmail.com Now, let it bang!
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    1 hr and 2 mins
  • Ep. 25 WTS! Time to Rawk Wit' The Best of Us... ft. Darius 'DC' Chambers

    Dec 17 2021
    So, wow, not even sure where to begin with this one. It's episode number 25 so I wanted to do something a bit different with this one. I reached out to a fellow podcaster, whom I was recently put on to by Xcursion and G-Blakk. His name is Darius 'DC' Chambers, who hosts an amazing show, https://www.facebook.com/DariusDCChambers (The What The Shit Podcast). I was really impressed with the quality of the show and had to have him over here to spend some time just chopping it up about random stuff. So, what I did NOT expect is this one took a REAL deep turn in spots. This one is a ton longer than normal but definitely worth the listen. We chatted about a crazy racist incident that happened when I first started in broadcasting, foster care, football, wrestling, and some other really random stuff. Hands down, one of the realest conversations I've had in a long time. as usual, comments and suggestions, as well as requests to be a guest on the show, can be sent to: riotonthesetmedia@gmail.com
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    1 hr and 59 mins
  • Ep. 24 They Just Don't Make 'Em Like That Anymore ft. Cindy Mitchum Azbill

    Dec 14 2021
    Hey Folks! We're back with episode #24 and this time, I had the great honor of chatting with the daughter/niece of a pair of Hollywood's most legendary brother's, The Mitchum's, John and Robert. Her name is Cindy Mitchum Azbill and she blessed us with so many great stories of growing up during the golden days of Hollywood and how she is now honoring her father, John, with a superb book and CD of his songs, poetry, and spoken word.
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    1 hr and 16 mins
  • Ep. 23 That's One Angry Viking ft. Eric Paul Erickson

    Dec 9 2021
    Welcome to #23! This time around, we sit down with actor, author, podcaster, and animal activist, Eric Paul Erickson. We have a lively discussion about music, movies, his books, podcasting, and a ton more! As always, any comments, show suggestions, or to book a spot as a guest on the show, contact us at: riotonthesetmedia@gmail.com
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    1 hr and 22 mins
  • Ep. 22 Walkin' a High Wire with Ensign Red ft. Michael Larsen

    Nov 28 2021
    So, for today's episode, I'm honored to have a featured guest that I met through the wonders of TikTok. His name is Michael Larsen. He has an amazing TikTok where he discusses music of all kinds along with other cool random stuff. I knew I had to have him on the show and we made it happen! It's a longer episode where we discuss music, the industry, his time in bands, and some amazing "war" stories from life in the Rock n Roll Trenches!
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    1 hr and 44 mins
  • Ep. 21 Shakin' Ya Sister, A Fifth at a Time...ft Roy Cathey

    Nov 28 2021
    This episode, I'm honored to get to sit down and chat with a singer that I've long been a fan of going back to the days of his band Cold Sweat, Mr. Roy Cathey. Roy now fronts an amazing group named The Fifth. We sit down and chat about that, trade some stories from 'back in the day", and just act like the giant fan boys we both are of music. As always, comments, interview requests, and show ideas can be mailed to: riotonthesetmedia@gmail.com
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    57 mins
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