• Construction, Obstructions and Clearing the Path (Part 2)

    Dec 7 2021

    Mara continues her conversation with Matt Ford as they delve further into the parallels they find in the business of construction and the journey to our true selves as travel the yogic path. 

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    34 mins
  • Construction, Obstructions, and Clearing the Path

    Nov 16 2021

    In this episode (in two parts), Mara talks with her husband Matt Ford about his work in construction and, through this lens, explores the 9 obstacles of yoga and how we might navigate these obstacles on the path to becoming our true selves.  

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    44 mins
  • Wrinkles In Time

    Oct 26 2021

    In this episode, Mara looks at wrinkles; her own and those of others, as she examines our approaches to aging and acceptance. 

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    24 mins
  • "It's Huge, It's Historic, It's Unheard-of"

    Oct 5 2021

    Whether it be scrolling, shopping, bingeing or smoking, moping, medications or merlot – we are all prey to addictions of some kind. In this episode, Jennifer examines causes and cures and asks “How can yoga help keep us steady in the light of this challenge?”

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    45 mins
  • What's The Skinny?

    Sep 14 2021

    In this episode, Mara looks in the mirror, delves into dieting, and goes beyond the physical body to investigate the five layers of being, the 'koshas', which - according to yoga philosophy - form each one of us. 

    Her guest is the actress and photographer, Ericka Kreutz.

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    57 mins
  • Let's Talk About Sex

    Aug 24 2021

    In this episode, Mara looks at porn. Or rather, she considers what we might do about the fact that our children can access this and a host of other not necessarily wholesome content on the internet. She looks at higher brain activities and how yoga can be the practical application of psychology. 

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    34 mins
  • Barefootin'

    Aug 3 2021

    In this episode, Jennifer looks at feet. Your feet, her feet, the feet of others. Is it better to go bare or should we be shod? With this question and others, should we listen to the advice of experts or trust our own experience?  Her guests are Los Angeles-based theater-maker Aaron Francis who hasn't worn shoes for 20 years (even to awards ceremonies) and her mom, who - like many of us - wears them most of the time. 

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    28 mins
  • Two Rams On A Bridge

    Jul 13 2021

    In this episode, Mara investigates the concept of non-violence and how - in this turbulent world - we might incorporate this practice into our lives. 

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    31 mins
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