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  • Apr 10 2018

    If you don't create your own unique works, who will?  Only YOU can hook YOUR rugs. 

    While a photocopy can be a handy reference, don't be timid about venturing off on your own.  If you need more help you can get it in my online color planning course, Practical Color Planning for Rug Hookers, at cindigayrughooking.com

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  • Apr 3 2018

    Steaming is the great equalizer.  If you admire smooth even loops of other rug hookers, be sure you are comparing your finished work to their finished work.

    My unfinished work does not look like my finished work.

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  • Feb 27 2018

    Episode 015 Add a label to your hooked rugs

    For more information about creating label, see this older article.

    Find printable fabric on Amazon. This is an affiliate link. That means I earn a small fee for sending you to Amazon, but it does not affect the price you pay at all. It is a generic search result because the products come and go. Look for fabric that will work with your type of printer (ink jet, laser etc.). You can also use a coupon at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby.

    Information to add to your label

    • Name of the pattern
    • Designer’s Name and/or Company Name
    • Dates, the year you finished or the start and finish date
    • Your name
    • Your town and state
    • Why you chose to hook that pattern, who you hooked it for, etc.
    • optional: The type of backing used
    • optional: The cut sizes you used

    If you started the rug in a workshop:

    • The workshop you were in
    • Where the workshop was held
    • Who your teacher was

    Before you begin hooking

    Write your name and town on the front of the rug in case you need to prove that the rug belongs to you and the label has been removed.

    Add your name and cell phone number in the margin of your rug. If it gets left behind, it can be easily returned to you.

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  • Feb 13 2018

    This is the finish that I teach to beginner rug hookers. Easy technique and simple supplies make it ideal for beginners and experienced rug hookers alike. This is a sturdy finish that holds up well to foot traffic and still looks good on a wall hanging.

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  • Jan 2 2018

    Learning to be an artist is more about accepting yourself as an artist than anything else.  Change your mindset, be willing to make bad art and practice.

    How to watch the Thursday webinar


    I prefer to use an A5 Leuchtturm 1917 dotted journal.

    *this is an affiliate link.  My favorite is Lime Green.


    Examples of some of my doodles in my bullet journal:


    Kris Miller of Spruce Ridge Studios draws all my patterns.  You can buy my designs on her website or my own.

    The app I use on the ipad for drawing my patterns: Graphic

    It replaces Adobe Illustrator which is $29.99 per month to use.  At $8.99 for the ipad app, it is truly a bargain.  There is a steep learning curve, so download the manual and give it a read.

    To see the app in use: Watch a replay of one of my Live! Thursday lessons.

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