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  • Feb 9 2022


    • Creating an athleisure product category with $1,000
    • Building an online brand with micro influencers and ambassadors
    • Organic funnels and global shifts to online business grows endūr
    • Growing an ambassador program with genuine passion


    Rob: "We're talking one sale a day, sometimes zero sales a day. This was a very long slow burn. Over a year in, there were some days where we wouldn't have one Shopify sale. These things take time. We didn't really start paying to acquire customers for at least two years in."

    Rob: "I wouldn't say oh, overnight we tripled our spend on Facebook or anything like that. We just continued. So I would say the majority of the growth came from the organic funnels we had built and just the organic referral and people talking about the product."

    Rob: "I just wanted to be a voice in the conversation that was like, business is hard. You should make a profit. Raising money is not as cool as you think it is. I was just annoyed with the overwhelming voices of the young startup founders thinking that it's all about status."

    You can connect with Rob in the links below:

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    24 mins
  • Feb 2 2022


    • Growing 4-5x by developing an excellent online platform
    • Embracing the advantages of a small company for genuine connection
    • A spice forum became the company's hub for content and engagement
    • Website feedback and a fun buying experience for repeat customers 
    • Collaborations and formulating spice blends


    Ori: "If chefs who have access to all the best ingredients in the world are getting this excited about the spices, then maybe there's an opportunity. Also, not just for more chefs and more spices, but also it's at home cooks haven't tried something like this before."

    Ori: "The pandemic broke people's regular behavior of going into the grocery store because grocery was out or nobody wants to step foot. People started Googling best spices, best cinnamon, best bay leaves, all that stuff, and we were right there ready for them."

    Ori: "When we hit about a thousand members, all of a sudden we had 3 or 4 people that were these more heavy-duty super influencers that they wanted to post, they're posting everyday, they were sharing these incredible meals, they were such talented cooks. It was really impressive to see it all."

    You can connect with Ori in the links below:

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    29 mins
  • Jan 26 2022


    • A different PR strategy based on personalization and trust
    • Be prepared and thorough when pitching to journalists 
    • Choosing the right clients with or without media training 
    • PR and SEO: A unique offering that anticipates bad links 


    Tyler: "It all comes down to building relationships and building trust with producers, with journalists, with editors on why we're going to bring value time and time again... Once we bring them one or two quality guests and quality appearances, they trust us and they're more willing to take a chance on a third or fourth."

    Tyler: "This is part of our secret sauce, Zach, is taking time to be timely and be thorough and to be comprehensive in our responses and to get those back to the journalist in a timely fashion. Or the producer, whomever. So, that way, we're making their job as easy as possible and we're setting them up for success."

    Tyler: "Number one, first and foremost, make sure that you have your house in order. And then, number two, make sure that your entire team is briefed on the strategy and is ready to take advantage of it."

    You can connect with Tyler in the links below:

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    36 mins

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