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  • Welcome to Your Path in Focus podcast, where we talk about how to have FREEDOM while staying in Medicine by working LESS! I‘m your host, Dr. Christina Arnold. I am a full-time doctor, just like you. I used to think that I couldn‘t finally be free until I retired. I was not just burned out, I thought I was completely broken. Turns out I had it all wrong. I now teach woman physicians the secrets of achieving Freedom while staying in Medicine. We were never broken. We don‘t need to be fixed. We aren‘t the problem. We are always the solution. Find out how by checking out the podcast today. And who‘s got time to remember to listen to a podcast? Nobody! Save yourself time and join the email list today to have the episode delivered directly to your inbox by subscribing to https://www.yourpathinfocus.com/podcast.
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  • 🍸Requests, Manuals, & Boundaries...Oh My!🍸

    Oct 17 2021

    How many relationships have fallen apart over messed-up boundaries? Countless. And it's not our fault. Society teaches us to make pretty terrible boundaries. No wonder many people are afraid to make boundaries because they are afraid of damaging relationships. If you know how to set up boundaries properly, though, a boundary can actually strengthen, protect, and help a relationship. In this podcast, you will learn the difference between a Request, a Manual, and a Boundary. Click below to know what they are,  how not to screw them up, and how to make your life EASIER.

    Find out what no one else knows. And then go out and change your world.   xoxo, Christina   PS. Want help setting up your specific boundary? If you are a faculty-level woman physician considering UplevelMD (my 3-month coaching program), request your free 50-minute session at this link ($500 value): https://www.yourpathinfocus.com/uplevelmd   https://freemusicarchive.org/search?adv=1&music-filter-public-domain=1

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    21 mins
  • 🫂How to Give Yourself COMFORT🫂

    Oct 10 2021

    This new tool has brought so much ease into my life this week.

    It will work for you too.

    Human brains are so darn brilliant and busy.

    If we don't give it a task, it will get busy finding danger and creating drama because that's what normal human brains are best at.

    SO! This week try assigning your brain the task of delivering you as much COMFORT as possible.

    Our brains mistakenly think that if other people change, then we would be comfortable, but that never works.

    We are the only person who can give us comfort and in the most amazing ways.

    Comfort feels like a warm sweater, hot coco, and a warm fire in the fire place while Netflix plays my favorite shows.

    Comfort is amazing!

    Use this trick for prepping for that next presentation, waiting for the lab results, going to mom's, and for EVERY moment in between.






    PS. Of course part of creating comfort is knowing how to ask for what you want from your partner, your mother in law, and your boss. If you are a living human, you have GOT to check out this free training on how to get more out of life by working less.  This link will send you a free training on how to make your asks IRRESISTIBLE so the other person is excited to help you, teaches you how not to be nervous and weird, and teaches you how to set up the conversation as win-win-win. We are always either advocating for our dreams OR settling for less. Get the free digital swag bag by clicking https://www.yourpathinfocus.com/negotiations-tips!




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    15 mins
  • 🚫I love you but ”No”🚫

    Oct 3 2021

    Ever find yourself struggling to say "no" to the boss, a coworker, teenage daughter, or the in-laws?

    These 5 words will change your life: I love you but "no."

    This episode gives you the gift of how to say "no" from a place of ease and grace.

    This is waaaaaaaaaay better than saying "yes", feeling resentment/obligation/seething anger, doing the task, and only creating more resentment, obligation, and seething anger for yourself and the other person.

    Instead!!!, try saying 'i love you but "no."'

    If you don't want to tell the boss you love her, no problem! Say it in your head because love feels so much better than obligation.

    You will learn how to put this in place for your kids, your boss, your coworkers, your partner, your in-laws, your family, and, most importantly, for you.

    I love you but "no."

    These 5 words will change your life.






    PS. More secrets to saying "no" can be found on this free 5-day training delivered straight to your email inbox. We are always either advocating for our dreams OR settling for less. Always. This mini-course is worth thousands of dollars and is totally FREE! Please pay it forward and share with 10 of your contacts. Let's help women physicians get paid their worth in our generation. Go to this URL to get closer to your dream life in 10 simple steps (for free): https://www.yourpathinfocus.com/negotiations-tips




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