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  • Brett Robbo connects with Big Impactors in their communities and he goes deep. He explores their mindsets, habits, values and belief systems. He engages in their vulnerabilities and adversities and seeks out their “fear” based approaches to success. Your Life Of Impact will inspire and teach you how Tap Into Your Inner Excellence and make permanent positive change in your life. Brett Robbo is a former athlete, turned High Performance coach and therapist working with some of the World best Paralympic and Olympic athletes. For the past 14 years he's been working in Paralympic sport as a Sprints & Jumps Coach and Performance Therapist. He's been surrounded by stories of massive adversities everyday, but at the same time has been uplifted by the courage and resilience displayed by these amazing athletes with a disability who learn how to use adversity to their advantage. This podcast journey starts with some of the inspiring and world changing Para communities and also branches into many other highly influential and inspirational humans that Brett has learned from on his journey. The vision for this podcast through providing an abundance of value, is to grow a community of impactors who learn how to master the Key Pillars of Life from the guests we interview, and who also challenge the status quo.
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  • May 2 2022
    This is a solo episode where I'm going through a GOLDEN check in process I learned with Dr Arne Rubenstein. Hear me discuss how I'm Going right now, what I'm Occupied with personally and professionally, What I've Liked lately, what's Difficult for me, what I'm Excited about and what I NEED support with. G: Going right now? O: Occupied with? L: Liked recently? D: Difficult? E: Excited about? N: Need support with? If you get value from this podcast, please share it with someone else who you believe will also get value from it and let's all make Impact together. Keep thriving legends.
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  • Apr 21 2022
    Bianca Spears is a Laughter Leader and Award-Winning Empowerment Coach who helps leaders to better navigate stress and find peace through NeuroPLAYsticity.  She also co-runs online programs that help people overcome chronic stress and illness through a variety of brain retraining methods, including laughter therapy. In this episode we discuss: Bianca’s fascination from where medicine and science meet the “supernatural” and previously “impossible” Why you don’t need to rewire your brain to feel better. Why you do need to rewrite your brain to change habits. Bianca opens up about her own experience with burnout last year, what caused it, how it felt and how she overcame it.  We dive into laughter wellness and laughter therapy - what it is, what’s happening with your feel good hormones and stress hormones when we laugh, how it’s used to overcome chronic stress and illness. And how you can overcome the awkwardness of laughter to use it as an empowering tool in holistic health and wellbeing. We also dive into many great topics of optimising your potential and living your best life. I loved this chat with Bianca because she has a great understanding of the science and physiology behind our actions, intentions and thoughts. Follow Bianca online and support her 'laughie challenge': Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bianca.spears/ (@bianca.spears ) Website:https://www.biancaspears.com/ ( biancaspears.com) Watch the bonus question on Instagram live here: https://www.instagram.com/tv/CcSIbr5KWeh/ (https://www.instagram.com/tv/CcSIbr5KWeh/) Please remember if you get value from this podcast, I’d be super grateful if you shared it with anyone else you know will gain value from it so we can create more impact together. Feel free to tag Bianca and I in Instagram stories when you’re listening to this and share it with someone who you believe will also get value from it. Keep thriving legends and as always remember, this is your life journey, your life of impact!
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  • Apr 3 2022
    Malcolm Larri is a leadership and culture transformation consultant, speaker, conference host & coach. He says: “Every day I help individuals and organizations create engagement and inspiration around managing change. When people understand the true value and contribution they bring, engagement naturally follows” Originally from Sydney Australia, Malcolm Larri is an in-demand Coach and Speaker focused on empowering companies and individuals to use their unique abilities to drive positive change. He is a Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and his almost 25-year career as coach and speaker has seen him conducting workshops & master classes in Australia, Europe, Asia & the USA. As a highly regarded consultant on Self-leadership, Diversity, Collaboration, and Values, he is regularly training & coaching teams from some of the largest companies in the Nordics, including Ericsson, Skanska, Cognizant, Deloitte, GE Healthcare, Mentimeter, Electrolux, Spotify and The Swedish Police Force to name just a few. Often praised for his skills in the art of Pitch and Presentation, Malcolm teaches these critical skills at Berghs School of Communication, Hyper Island (Sweden & UK) and works with up to 100 start-ups a year in Start Up Accelerators like Antler Global. Additionally, Malcolm has worked across Europe as a Conference Host, including TEDx Stockholm. He is also the founder of Brave Personal Development and will publish his first book “Hustle & Serve” in 2022.  In this episode we discuss: Confidence. How a lack of confidence can be linked to a lack of opportunities or progress towards our goals and visions.  Malcolm unpacks his confidence ladder and teaches us how to develop and maintain more confidence. The importance of Energy Before Action and the mind body link that you have more control over than you realise. Overcoming Imposter syndrome. We dive deep into values and priorities and this was great, Malcolm challenged me on my values structures and helped me realise how I’ve combined my values and priorities, what the difference is and why it can be more empowering if we separate them. Follow Malcolm Online: instagram: https://www.instagram.com/bravecoach/ (@bravecoach) linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/malcolmlarri/ (Malcolm Larri) Keep Thriving Legends and as always remember, this is your life journey - your life of IMPACT!!!
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