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  • Gain actionable insights each week on how to successfully run a small business in today’s competitive landscape. In each episode, Gordon Henry chats with small business owners, entrepreneurs, and industry experts about the challenges of starting a business and how to provide incredible client experiences. We focus on technology, especially cloud software, that small businesses can use to modernize and automate their businesses to become easier to do business with. We are passionate about helping small businesses grow, modernize, and thrive in today’s evolving environment. To learn more visit: https://www.winningonmainstreet.com
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  • May 19 2022

    Growing up I was fascinated with public speaking and communications so I would learn everything I could about how to be a good communicator. After returning from serving on a mission, I was approached by Brigham Dickinson, the founder of Power Selling Pros, and he asked if I wanted to become a customer service coach. It was seamless for me because I was able to transition my skills from religion to customer service. Seven years later I’ve trained hundreds of CSRs (customer service reps) in the trades. 


    At Power Selling Pros, our goal is to help your team and especially your customer-facing members feel confident, self-reliant, and service-minded. The framework we teach all our clients is called the pattern for excellence. It is eight principles and I say principles not script intentionally. A script is a good place to start if you’re new. But as you gain experience, you want the dialog to flow naturally and have the eight principles guide you. The eight principles we teach are to be positive, be confident, listen, care, reassure them that you can help, ask for their business, build value before presenting pricing, and express sincere gratitude. When you do those eight well you create a wow customer experience. 


    Your customer service department should be a profit center for your business. The foundation is to have the right systems in place so that you can track and attribute the growth to the customer service department. I advocate for six basic metrics: number of calls, number of appointments booked, conversion percentage, number of service agreements sold, average talk time, and average time before a call is answered. When you know those numbers, you can evaluate whether your customer service department is helping your business grow. When you serve the customer well it doesn’t come across as pushy sales but rather as solving their problems. 


    When you get customer service right, it is a catalyst for change across your business. When you advertise to your customers, you are shouting. When you send a technician to your customer's home, the customer is on guard -- they just let a stranger into their house. There’s only one person in your organization the customer wants to talk to, the customer service representative. In every other part of your business, you must shout to be heard. But the CSR can whisper and the customer will hear every word. 



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  • May 12 2022

    The primary clients we serve today are established businesses that are struggling to figure out how to generate a return on their digital marketing. I’ve been in tech for decades and ran an advertising agency with my husband for a decade before becoming a revenue coach. Over the years I’ve helped companies of various sizes find success through digital marketing and position them for growth. We typically work with businesses that have $2m to $10m in annual revenue. 


    Mindset driven marketing is a concept I coach clients on frequently. You hear a lot of people talk about buyer personas but truthfully an 18-year-old guy is likely to buy a blender for the same reasons an 80-year-old guy would buy it. What I realized through my work is there is a gap between what the seller thinks the buyer wants and what the buyer truly wants. To me, the mindset of the customer is a combination of their desires, concerns, and questions. These are critical to know when thinking about any marketing because you want to address those immediately and show the customer how your product or service is the answer. 


    Running a successful business today requires that your systems and processes be cloud-based. Every business has to build a digital infrastructure to support its operations or it will fail. The key to a successful system is that you can easily capture the needed information and that each system integrates with the other. Even if you’re a small business with a limited budget, there are dozens of platforms out there that are affordable that can help you start to automate your processes. 


    The foundation of any good marketing campaign is measurement. We set up dashboards for our clients that they can access anytime to see where their money is being spent and what it is producing for them. Digital advertising is the quickest way for most businesses to generate leads but a good content marketing campaign with great copy will deliver you the most cost-effective leads over time. However, it takes time to build up a lead funnel from content marketing so you need to recognize that you won’t see immediate results like you would with digital marketing. 



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  • May 5 2022

    After graduating from business school, I started a job at Charles Schwab. I had a great time working alongside some wonderful and smart people. As I progressed into leadership roles, I found that to keep progressing I would have to make several lateral moves. That was a bit of a turn-off for me with my entrepreneurial spirit. What I also noticed was a lot of the financial advisors, financial managers, and wealth managers out there, didn’t run their businesses in a way that I felt was the most advantageous for small business owners. Thus, with a particular focus on helping small business owners with their money management needs, in 2014 I resigned from my job and started Three Oaks Wealth. 


    Our firm works with a lot of small business owners and our core strength is to assist them during periods of transition. When an owner is considering exiting their business, there are a few paths they can take but the most important question we help them answer is how to maximize their exit and reduce their tax liability. No matter what stage your business is in, good exit planning is simply good business planning in general. The core two areas to start with are to get personal expenses out of the business and then to establish processes that remove the owner from the daily business operations as much as possible. 


    The reason we exist as a firm is to help clients get to the best place financially for their circumstances. Being an entrepreneurial person myself, I get fired up working with entrepreneurs who came up with an idea and took the risk of launching something new to the market. This is why we are passionate about helping people with their financial planning -- so that they can live their best life. Today we don’t cross over much into general business consulting because that’s not our area of expertise. We get some of those questions during our interactions, but our primary focus is to get clients in the best financial place we can. 



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