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What would you do if you found out your world was not real? 

Alexandra Hill is enjoying the last bit of summer in her beautiful city, her thoughts on her last year of high school. After that, she will be moving on to great things, bigger things. Only, she has no idea those bigger things will come so much sooner than she expects. 

When she wakes up one morning and finds herself reliving the same day again, though no one else notices, she hopes it is deja vu, but as the day happens again, she knows better. Something is very wrong. 

On her own, she tries to investigate, and finds a beautiful man with wings who will change her view about her entire world and send her on a journey with others just like her. Because it is up to them to save everything and everyone around them using a flaw in their code; one that allows them to do the impossible. 

Follow Alexandria as she discovers angels, evil, love, and powers she never knew she had in the first installment of the Dark Time series.

©2018 Raven Heidrich (P)2018 Hydra Productions Online LLC

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