• Nov 22 2021
    Dana King is a classical figurative sculptor. She rescues everyday Black American heroines/heroes from unjust obscurity and then ennobles their tenacity and courage through figurative sculpture. Dana King continues the tradition of our African elder storytellers by telling the stories of Black Bodies in Bronze. Dana says she prefers sculptures because they inhabit space and space is power.
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    1 hr and 7 mins
  • Oct 11 2021
    Owner, Karen Dial, and manager, Sean Moor have truly brought a jewel to Southern Calfornia with the opening of the bookstore, "The Book Jewel." In a time when so much is unfamiliar and so much of what Humankind loves has been held at bay, Karen and Sean had the consciousness to open an amazing bookstore in the midst of a pandemic. The success of this store and the diverse outreach speaks volumes about their integrity and character. I applaud them and wish them continued success.
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    39 mins
  • Sep 28 2021
    Eric Miller, Professor of Law at Loyola Law School and Leo J. O'Brien Fellow, believes that changes must be made in the way Law students are exposed to the law. The perception has been that all criminals are "Moral Monsters." Eric believes this indoctrination must be shifted. Particularly, because it misrepresents the Black male. He has co-written a Case Book to assist in this shift in awareness.
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    53 mins
  • Sep 7 2021
    Joy Assent’s story is compelling.

    She was raised by parents who were addicted to crack cocaine. At a young age, she was robbed at gunpoint and later fell victim to a severe head injury. Yet, she thrives; she loves; she sees through the eyes of the other. Joy has lived and continues to live through her open heart bringing the gift of empathy. That open-hearted empathy is her superpower.

    Six years in the army which moved her into a different way of living and now a member of an HR team, Joy refers to herself as a “Purveyor of Positive People.” She can only be that because she is beyond positive. She lives from her heart space. We have much to learn from Joy Assent.
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    51 mins
  • Aug 13 2021
    If you know anything about Dianne Reeves, if you’ve heard her sing, the power in her voice, you’re aware that there’s something extraordinary happening there. Her voice touches the soul. Her presence is felt the moment she walks into a room.

    I was curious to understand the origin of her depth. I wanted to understand what she's leaned on, her superpower, that has allowed her to shine so brightly through this racist society and come out unscathed.

    We had a fun time speaking of what I refer to as her magic.

    Tune in and enjoy my conversation with the amazing Dianne Reeves.

    You might just hear something that moves you into a deeper relationship with yourself.
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    53 mins
  • Jul 19 2021
    The Black Law Student Association of Loyola Law School created a list of demands to combat the effects of systemic racism poisoning our legal system and their campus climate.

    BLSA of Loyola Law School called upon the administration to stand in solidarity with the Black community, uphold the values it proclaims proudly within its mission statement, and exemplify these objectives through tangible and financial future actions.
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    56 mins
  • Jun 29 2021
    Dr. Shani Byard is a social justice advocate and professor. Listen as she guides on how to stop buying into the stereotypes perpetuated by the media,
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    52 mins
  • Jun 21 2021
    started her advocacy around Bruce's Beach on Juneteenth, 2020 when she and other co-founders of a group in the South Bay put together a picnic at Bruce's Beach to shed light on black history in Manhattan Beach. Hear what Kavon believes justice for the Bruce family means and what reparations for black people look like as it pertains to America making amends for stealing black land.
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    40 mins
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