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Publisher's Summary

The paranormal activities of a deeply religious and highly gifted Russian psychic known as Ulya are detailed in this audiobook. Ulya considered her soul to be immortal and indestructible and she believed her soul had lived in numerous bodies over the eons of time. 

Ulya's near-death experience at three months of age triggered a wide variety of reported psychic abilities including visions that provided accurate knowledge of the future and the specific skills of healing, dream interpretation, making predictions, and casting spells. 

She was a regular flyer to places in this and other worlds. The barriers of time and space did not exist as she traveled in the past, the present, and the future. She usually flew in a smaller version of her earthly body, however sometimes she flew out-of-body in remote viewing. Ulya saw herself in past lives and she flew into the future and saw herself as she will appear in future lives. 

Ulya was raised in a loving, well-to-do family in the USSR. She was considered a successful career woman with a family and a teaching position. Ulya realized at a young age that her psychic abilities made her unique and she hid most of her skills from most people. It was only as a mature woman living in America that she came to completely embrace her gift. She hoped that future civil rights activity will include society's acceptance of psychics. 

Fearful of retribution against herself and her children for the crime of witchcraft, Ulya allowed publication of her stories only after her death and using the nom de plume of Ulya. Her diary, a house journal, various documents, and a lifetime of conversations with her good friend, the author Lilia Sariecheva, provide the basis of this audiobook.

©2017 Lilia Sariecheva with Robert B. Osland (P)2018 Surepoint Publishing

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