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  • Looking at all of the unexplained mysteries in our universe...from alien activity to Zak Bagans and every other phenomenon in between...The paranormal The extra-terrestrial. The cryptids. The Psychic. The Metaphysical. The Conspiratorial. It's all here! Stay curious! 'Cause If You Ain't Curious You May As Well Already Be Dead!
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  • May 28 2022

    In the June 2021 edition of the Light-Worker series Unexplained Inc. welcomes Katherine O'Shea for a very emotional power-packed chat...here is what is discussed:

    - Phantom Phil battles through strong emotional swings that Katherine thinks is leading to an awakening
    - Katherine's journeys to Japan and Hawaii
    - Her upbringing as an empath
    - Katherine's shocking assessment of her past cancer battle
    - The summer solstice Day of Brightness Festival
    - The upcoming festival for the autumn
    - Katherine's relationship with Lindsey Scharmyn
    - A special pet reading for Angel Card Amy's dog Larry to conclude

    In the outro Phantom Phil breaks down some history making breaking news involving his favourite NFL team and how it can relate to healing and how one can find their own safe space

    Book Katherine for one of her pet reading services here:

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    1 hr and 27 mins
  • May 21 2022

    Jake and Jeremy have a chat with Phantom Phil while representing the Infinite Rabbit Hole podcast. Two out of the three hosts come by to discuss these topics:

    - The history of their podcast
    - Their logo design
    - Jeremy's Sasquatch encounters
    - Cryptids
    - Aliens & monoliths
    - A wild corona theory

    Plus...when will Phantom Phil appear on their show?

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    1 hr and 17 mins
  • May 14 2022

    Jason Hewlett from beautiful British Columbia has used all facets of media to get into the field of paranormal investigation...like the title says he is a Jack of all trades entered around his passions....we discuss his background as well as these topics:

    - Will the real Jason Hewlett please stand up?
    - His new series about hunting for Bigfoot
    - His paranormal experiences growing up
    - How he got started as a paranormal investigator
    - Cryptid legends in western Canada
    - Sea monsters
    - UFO disclosure...world changing announcement or epic letdown?

    Lots of laughs and intriguing information on this latest edition of Unexplained Inc...find and interact with Unexplained Inc. here:

    FB: Unexplained Inc.
    Twitter: @phantomphil3
    Instagram: unexplained_inc. and phantom_phil_unexplained

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    1 hr and 12 mins

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