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To the Best of Our Knowledge: The Creative Brain

Length: 52 mins

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Publisher's Summary

In this hour, neurologist Oliver Sacks is famous for his stories of people with brain disorders. In his book Musicophilia, he writes about people who were transformed by music.

Next, what's happening inside the brain of a jazz musician? Neurosurgeon Charles Limb and jazz bassist Mike Pope talk about a series of groundbreaking brain imaging studies of jazz musicians while they improvise.

Then, can you actually see creativity in the brain? It turns out you can if you put a living, breathing human being inside a brain scan. Neuroscientist Rex Jung describes his innovative research on the science of creativity.

Steve Paulson always dreamed of seeing ancient cave art. He finally got his wish - and tells the story of visiting two French caves with anthropologist Christine Desdemaines-Hugon.

Alison Hawthorne Deming reads "Chauvet" - her poem about the French cave with ancient art painted on its walls.

And finally, Can you learn to be more creative? You can if you go to Lynda Barry's workshop on "writing the unthinkable." She tells Anne Strainchamps how to unleash our hidden muse. [Broadcast Date: November 28, 2012]

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