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  • Mar 23 2023

    Ali and his adventures with the Desert SEAFLYER
    By: Joshua Miles
    Illustrated by: Margaret Bried

    Ali and his adventures with the Desert SEAFLYER is about an Egyptian boy's life. Through his mentor Mr. Akeem, memories of his father, and his caring mother, he turns his experiences into teachable moments that later blossom into something great. This book has embedded projects-based learning, puts math into motion, aviation design and building, history, nature, and science all wrapped in an easy-to-read action-packed adventure.

    About Joshua Miles

    I am a current Doctoral Candidate at Trident University. I am a Harvard University Graduate. I have traveled to over 40 countries, and it was my travel experience that inspired me to write the book and the coming sequel which is titled Ali and the Desert Seaflyer break through the Noise.



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  • Mar 23 2023
    You're Special: Daily Reflections from God's Children with "Exceptionalities" by Katherine Thomas Leurck

    Have you ever seen a wheelchair bound person with a smile bigger than you've smiled all week? Or a child with Down syndrome who is in a perpetual good mood, and you wonder, What's the magic? Those moments are what make this daily devotional quite different. It is inspired by the words and actions of beautiful individuals with exceptionalities. The voices heard from the pages of this book include children with autism, Down syndrome, and cognition delay, to name a few. The language is simple, pure, refreshingly honest and reflects the author's experience with this remarkable community which, some consider to be angels among us. This book is one of the first of its kind because it provides children with exceptionalities a limitless platform to teach and inspire. While often this community is encouraged to "change" or "improve," they are quite perfect just as they are. Chances are if you interact with them, you will walk away in awe of their grounded trust in themselves and others, free of expectations. You will likely have a better day as a result of the interaction. At the center of this book is Drew, who is chronologically 22 years old but intellectually about 7. Every day, Drew passes out handmade rainbows that state, "You're Special."His mission is to remind everyone of their inner beauty that makes each individual special and unique. Let's be eager students of individuals with exceptionalities and their unique experience. They have so much to share, and we have so much to gain! It's where "special" meets truth-and in truth, there is wisdom. Enjoy your 365 days of reflections and embrace Drew's purposeful words: "You're Special.

    Katherine Leurck admits the raising a child with exceptionalities is not easy.  She considers it a journey from understanding, to accepting, and finally celebrating such a beautiful gift from God.  Her intent with this book is to share the voices, perspectives, and inspiration of children with exceptionalities, which has taught her so much.  Katherine lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her husband David, and their three children, Andrew, Alexandria and Audrey who are all exceptional in their own unique way.



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  • Mar 23 2023
    The Spirit of Antichrist in the World: The Antichrist, Apostasy and End Times by Normandie Kneeland

    A 1969 prophecy through 2010 regarding political and ecclesiastical politics, including President Barack Obama.

    “During the year after August 1969 and November 1969( when I saw the 1st and second interior pictures as I just lay down to sleep, as if they were movies on my inside eyelids) that I first read the Bible or started learning from reading that I understood a little more of what I saw. They came to light after I read about the Apocalypse, so that the first was of the time of the Antichrist in the world to the end. I saw them about twelve times over three to four days.  The second was symbolic of the Great Apostasy in those days. I saw them about seven times over three to four days. The end told me it would come into its fullness in America, in two years, the three fingers meant to me to be Europe, and five the whole world. As the years went by, I was sure I interpreted the end part right. 

    January 27, 2010. A triangle, with a human eye appeared, surrounded by a fiery light as in a close sky.

    The triangle is a sign of “The Holy Trinity” for me as God the Father; the human eye as the hypostatic union of God, the Son (Jesus): and the fire surrounding it as the Holy Spirit that the fire Father and Son send forth. 

    “For the eyes of the Lord behold all the earth and give strength to those who with a perfect heart trust in Him.” (2 Chronicles 16:9)

    About the Author:

    The Spirit of Antichrist in the World: The Antichrist, Apostasy and End Times is written by Normandie Kneeland. She was one of seven children and the little mother,  as the oldest girl. She was an artist, did work repairing, painting many statues in the churches and retreat house for years. At the age of six she was part of the church choir. Her mother had Indian ancestry that went back four generations to when that grandfather, a chief and the President of Indian affairs in the capital of the US. She lives a quiet life now in Nevada. 




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