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This Is Audible, April 16, 2013

Length: 52 mins
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I’m in the mood for a good horror novel – all this spring sunshine is getting on my nerves. One of the scariest books I’ve read in years is Between Two Fires, set in the already legitimately horribly year of 1348, when the plague swept France and it seemed like the end of the world was underway. We’ll meet the author, Chris Buehlman.

Next, Maggie Linton goes to her happy place – college basketball – to chat with sports writer Sally Jenkins about Coach Pat Summit and her book, Sum It Up.

And as the latest film version of The Great Gatsby comes out, we’ll take a look at the other woman in Fitzgerald’s life, the fabulous Zelda, in a book by Therese Anne Fowler simply called Z.

But first, Maggie has the top-ten Mystery and Thriller downloads from [Broadcast Date: April 16, 2013]

Listen to:

  • Between Two Fires by Chris Buehlman
  • Sum It Up by Sally Jenkins
  • Z by Therese Anne Fowler
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