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Featured on radio and TV shows and in publications across North America, including The New York Times. The latest audiobook from the authors of The Family Fight: Planning to Avoid It, The Family War: Winning the Inheritance Battle, and Where There's an Inheritance

Do you think you've heard and seen it all? Before you answer "yes", we invite you to journey into the world of wills and estates, a world in which we have lived and worked as wills and estates lawyers for more than a quarter of a century. This audiobook is a compilation of stories from our experiences in this field. 

  • Stories that will shock you, showing just how low some people can go, putting family second to money and personal effects. Included are several stories about financial elder abuse. 
  • Stories that will touch your life like they have touched ours, showing kindness, compassion, and generosity. 
  • Stories that will educate you and protect you and your loved ones by helping you to avoid will mistakes that others have made. 
  • Stories and inheritance-related jokes that will bring a smile or a laugh. 

Even a wills practice has a lighter side. The stories are written in a plain-language, easy-to-understand format. When you listen to them, you may see what you and your family have gone through or may go through in the future. Wills and inheritance issues touch so many so many different ways. 

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