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Celebrate 100 years of Dance in America, as we FlashBack to dance favorites like the The Twist, Running Man, and Ballroom Dance with special appearances by your favorite Vampires! Re-Live your favorite Dance fads like Disco Dance, Hip Hop, Lindy Hop, Charleston, The Twist, Cabbage Patch, and many others throughout 100 years as we Celebrate American Dance! A Fan Favorite satire and spoofs of great TV Shows and Movies from 1900-2000! Flashback as we Flashdance back in time to revisit dance styles, as told by the great fictional Vampire Dancers of all time! Time travel as we discover the Dances that Americans loved for the past 100 years. Music, politics, cars, celebrities, fads also played a part in how important dance was in our Culture for over 100 years! What is your favorite decade of dance?

©2012 Shalimar Ali (P)2015 Shalimar Ali

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