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For many, many years, there's been a sort of mysticism surrounding the world of writing. There are stereotypical images of writers at old typewriters in a dimly lit room or a pretentious, haughty author-to-be penning the next great globally known novel from the comfort of a coffee house sofa, making sure everyone knows of his or her artistic brilliance.

From my experience, and looking from a more objective standpoint, writing is a business or career path just like any other. We all learn basic components of writing when we're in school - reading, grammar, spelling and so on.

While in theory anyone can write, there are a few who find themselves naturally talented; others gain their skills through hours and hours of practice.

Regardless of your background or your current level of writing, by picking up this book, you've made the decision to better yourself, to sharpen your writing skills.

My aim in writing this book is to help you take your writing, fiction or nonfiction, book or brochure to the next level. Let's dive right in!

©2015 L. David Harris (P)2015 L. David Harris

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