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Publisher's Summary

In this engrossing first solo novel - the author is also co-author of two thrillers, Untimely Death and Just Your Everyday People - prolific author Jan Yager tells the engrossing story of psychologist Dr. Emily Taylor who seemed to have it all. She's thin, attractive, happily married with children, and with a successful therapy practice and writing career, when she is interviewed on a major talk show to discuss her new best seller.

The author's strong novel explores how success catapults Emily on a food binge. As her weight climbs over 200, Emily realizes she has to deal with the underlying causes to the compulsive overeating that she has been battling since childhood because it has caused her to be in conflict over her appearance and her weight. This uplifting novel will forever impact how you view your own or someone else's weight-related challenges. There are, of course, other nonfiction books about these issues, as well as other novels, but this novel deals with these issues on a powerful emotional level as well as being a "good read" as a work of fiction.

The author, in addition to her novels and published poetry, is a sociologist and author of numerous self-help books including When Friendship Hurts, published by Simon & Schuster and translated into 28 languages, as well as the classic Victims, published by Scribner's. She has a Ph.D. in sociology and an MA in criminal justice. She spent a decade studying the aftereffects of childhood and teenage abuse on its adult survivors.

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