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  • The automotive journey of an 80's baby & friends. A conversation featuring close friends & Instagram guests with an innate enthusiasm for the automobile. Fanatics of which use & push their machinery to the limits of their respective strengths. Open conversation is the best type of platform because this leads to both lateral and opposing opinions. The show features all levels of automotive enthusiasts including industry heads from a multitude of geographies. Recognizeable names sharing their machines & the stories that come with them. Join me, Imraan Shameem aka @MRM5MAN and let's chat.
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  • May 20 2022

    Welcome one, welcome all to the Motor Culture show.  Glad to have you here with me today as I present to you Jorge & Diego of Method Auto Group.  This was an on-site recording in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the courtyard of a cozy condo building - so excuse any background noise!  The fellas at Method Auto are killing the Japanese automotive importation game in the DMV area and at a fast pace.  They specialize in bringing over all sorts of passenger cars (not just sports) from the land of the rising sun.  They took me over to their garage to show me a sampling, and it felt good to see those cars hiding in some random Gburg hangout.  My favorites; VIP Cresta, bone stock Chaser, & a white NUR R34 GTR VSII.  Legends in their own regard(s).  The guys take it up a notch and allow you to pickup your vehicle directly from the port broadening the experience.  Given that most ports across the country have a Japanese vibe as it is, this beckons a great oppurtunity to give the customer an experience they will soon not forget.  Anywho, enjoy this episode with Method Auto Group!

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  • Apr 30 2022

    Welcome one, welcome all.  Episode 68, lets go. 
    This was a lovely late night, last minute session spanning from NY, to NJ, to me in FL!  My boy Andy from German Motor Group brought on his pal named Jake from Eurobids, a hell of a venture both of them and some other individuals are currently working on to make the lives of enthusiasts with a taste for European cars (in EU  spec form) much easier by bringing to market an easy to use buy and bid system coined, Eurobids.  Imagine sight unseen purchasing of vehicles that will be exported from Germany, but with a caveat of a satsifacation guarantee as each and every vehicle will undergo a very particular verification process before the papers are officially signed.  The structure is still very much in development but both Andy and Jake provide great info on what Eurobids will be, and what they think it will do for enthusiasts & for the market alike.  To think that it would be more advantageous to sell your old E36 320i touring while living in Munich on a site like this which will give the oppurtunity to a lucky North American to own and continue the life of this car, all while as a seller you are collecting a premium to do so *takes deep breath* is a WONDERFUL idea.  Why let shit go to waste?  We crave imported cars but in the geography from which they arise, they're normal fare.  So then, WHY NOT give them to us to build that second lease on life?  Exactly, why not? 

    So, sit back and listen.  This is a great episode and a nice early look into a hell of a venture within the automotive [enthusiast] community.

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  • Apr 29 2022

    Hello everyone and welcome to 67, featuring a hell of a Honda maestro by the name of Tyson Hugie.  This was such a relatable episode for me, having a family background with several Honda models.  Chances are, if you're apart of a brown family that was on the up n' up during the 90s then you too, can relate.  The Phoenix based Tyson is somewhat of a declared Honda historian and currently sits on a lovley rotating collection of Honda/Acura models that evade us in regularity these days.  When's the last time you saw a showroom fresh DA Integra or an SLX?  I bet the most of you haven't even seen an SLX, or a first generation Legend out and about.  I bet if you have, we're talking decades since they were in freshly manufacturered condition.  The Honda addiction has turned into a bit of a dream side quest, and this is the part I want you all to truly feel the inspiration from just as I did.  He took his enthusiasm so far to the point that Honda themselves gave the guy recognition and let him spec a car for a long term test, and then mailed him the title after the testing period was complete.  How cool is that?  What about riding in the backseat of your own car while Jay Leno drives you down a canyon road in it?  Never know where your passion will take you.  Be it in the gym, on the road, or smoking up and relaxing- enjoy this very special episode.


    Intro & exit track provided by the talented @ArifOmariandFranklinproduction squad. Thanks gents

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