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  • Sep 27 2022

    Anyone who's worked on a team knows that communication can be a challenge. Sometimes, common problems require creative solutions. Improv is a powerful tool that brings out the best in any group or team. It’s not just for comedians; it can be used to create new ideas, solve problems, explore feelings, and connect with each other.

    Today’s guest is Brian Rolnick-Fox, the Founder, CEO, and Chief Evangelist of Nimble Learning Strategies. Brian has been using improvisation as a channel for individual growth, group development, and organizational success since 1999. He has delivered communication and leadership programs for a diverse set of organizations from Fortune 100 companies to educational institutions some of which include Citibank, Goodyear, Dartmouth College, and Harvard Business School.


    Brian and I talk about what we can learn from the field of comedic improv to help us be better communicators. We get into specific behaviors, mindsets, principles and tactics that can help us connect and collaborate better, plus we have a whole lot of fun.

    Members of the Modern Manager community get a free Communication and Collaboration document from Nimble Learning Strategies. This document describes the three As of communication and how you can implement them to communicate more effectively in your daily life. Get it when you join the Modern Manager community.


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    Website: https://www.nimblelearningstrategies.com

    Company LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/nimblelearningstrategies

    Personal LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/brianrolnickfox


    Key Takeaways:

    • We are always naturally improvising; we take in stimuli and respond to them in the moment. 
    • Improv strategies can help us collaborate better by providing an opportunity to explicitly talk about how we communicate and collaborate.
    • We often forget that people or departments have different perspectives and assume we’re all seeing the situation the same.
    • Being specific in our language is essential to ensuring everyone is on the same page. 
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    29 mins
  • Sep 20 2022

    Authentic leadership is unique to each of us. It's about understanding and being comfortable with who you are so that you can leverage your strengths. We can then use that information to guide our choices and lift up those around us. When you understand your strengths and values, they can create a personal roadmap to success.

    Today’s guest is Lance Tanaka. Lance is an Executive Leadership Expert. He and his team elevate leaders and their teams to increase business production, performance and profits.

    Lance and I talk about lessons from his latest book Dream and Achieve: 90 Days to a life of purpose. We walk through the process that Lance and hundreds of others have used to help clarify their goals and take steps towards their desired future.

    Members of the Modern Manager community get 25% off Lance’s course, Dream & Achieve. This course has helped thousands of successful executives identify their purpose and move down the path to realizing it. Get this generous discount if you register before September 30, 2022. Get it when you join the Modern Manager community.


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    Website: lancetanaka360.com


    Key Takeaways:

    • Focus more time on honing your strengths rather than fixing your weaknesses.
    • The DNA “Dream N’ Achieve” process is a 90 day journey of self discovery and charting a path forward.
    • First, reflect on your strengths and passions. Then look for common themes, ideally no more than 9.
    • Drill into those elements with who/what/where/when/why questions to further clarify what matters most to you.
    • Do this DNA process as a team activity. Others often see our strengths better than we do.
    • Trying to Find your “True North” may slow you down. Instead, create a balance between all your needs by going in the right direction and adjusting over time accordingly.
    • There are three outcomes that result from following your DNA: (1) a big shift to a new company/career/city, (2) a sideways shift to a different team or role in the same company, or (3)
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    30 mins
  • Sep 13 2022

    Microaggressions are harmful words and actions that stem from biases and stereotypes. They’re subconscious, meaning we may not even realize we’re being offensive or biased. The damage they inflict can be long-lasting and impact how individuals relate to us and the entire company. As managers, it's our responsibility to create a professional work environment that fosters understanding and listening, so all people can feel safe and supported at work.

    Today’s guest is Martine Kalaw. Martine is an Elevation Strategist - she shifts mindsets, builds bridges & delivers results. She is the author of Illegal Among Us, experienced being an undocumented immigrant, and is a DEI Consultant.


    Martine and I talk about how to confront, respond to and learn from uncomfortable DEI situations in the workplace. Maybe it’s something you said that landed the wrong way with a team member or maybe it’s something a colleague did that was insensitive or exclusionary. We talk about microaggressions and how to get smarter about your own behavior since so often we don’t even realize we’re creating harm.

    Members of the Modern Manager community can get a free 60-Minute Masterclass: Advancing DEI. Scheduled for September 22, this 60-minute class will give you the top five keys to advancing DEI in your workplace over the course of 90 days. Get it when you join the Modern Manager community.


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    Website: https://martinekalaw.com/

    Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/MartineKalawEnterprisesLLC

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/martinekalaw/?hl=en

    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/martinekalawconsulting/ 

    Twitter: https://twitter.com/martinekalaw 

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQTb6zI5m4jehE-czyT8SvQ/featured


    Key Takeaways:

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    34 mins

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