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Publisher's Summary

At 14 years old, Roni McFadden was already headed for trouble. When her mother divorced Roni’s abusive step-father, whatever closeness existed between mother and daughter disappeared. The only thing that Roni had left in her life with any meaning was her little horse Sparol. 

When she met an old cowboy who lived down the road, she saw they shared the same love and respect for those magnificent animals. More importantly, that old cowboy was an adult she could trust. 

Under his guidance, Roni evolves from a girl stumbling along treacherous and twisted paths to become a strong young woman who knows where she is going, how to get there, and that she will have help along the way.  

©2012, 2015 Roni MacFadden (P)2018 Roni McFadden

Critic Reviews

“Ride along with young Roni as she discovers the lessons of the ancient spirits of mountains, deserts and horses - a wonderful coming-of-age tale in a magnificent setting.” (D.H. Eraldi, author of Settler’s Chase)    

“A powerful personal journey so well written, you become a part of the story before you realize it.” (D.B. Jackson, author of Unbroke Horses)

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