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Publisher's Summary

Often considered to be Ibsen's most popular play in his lifetime, The League of Youth caused fighting in the streets, with conservatives claiming it was an attack on their party and liberals claiming it was an attack on theirs! A thought-provoking comedy that's sure to feel shockingly familiar.

Unusually for Ibsen, this play has a lot of humour and a more-or-less happy ending.


Stensgaard, a lawyer - Ben Lindsey-Clark

Chamberlain Brattsberg, an ironmaster - John Burlinson

Anders Lundestad, a farmer - Brett Downey

Daniel Heire - Phil Benson

Dr. Fjeldbo, the works' doctor - Peter Tucker

Mons Monsen, of Storli, a landowner - Marty Kryz

Aslaksen, a printer - Tovarisch

Thora, Brattberg's daughter - K. G.Cross

Mrs. Rundholmen, a tradesman's widow - Jennifer Fournier

Bastian Monsen, Monsen's son - Chris Marcellus

Erik Brattsberg, Brattsberg's son, a lawyer and business man - Ed Humpal

Selma, Erik's wife - Maureen Boutiler

Ragna, Monsen's daughter - Rebecca Thomas

Helle, tutor at Storli - Jeff Moon

Ringdal, works' manager - David Prickett

A maidservant in the Chamberlain's household - Leanne Yau

A waiter - Andrew Coleman

A servant girl - Charlotte Duckett

Stage directions read by Denis Daly

Afterword read by K. G. Cross

Audio edited by K. G. Cross

Presented by The Online Stage

Public Domain (P)2016 The Online Stage

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