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  • TLP250: Passion is Powerful & Blinding

    Apr 14 2021
    Steve Smith is the CEO at Association Management Center, where he supports national healthcare association volunteers and staff leaders. He helps them leverage their natural strengths to continue the mission of the non-profit organization. Steve shares a bit of history behind the need for nonprofit medical services, and also provides insight on how healthcare has changed over the years to better support the people and their personalized needs.   Sponsored by...   Cultivate Grit. Amplify Action. Get The Importance of Journaling   We help YOU enjoy the success we’ve already enjoyed. Free downloads of Quick Reference Guides on Delegation, Time Management, Sales, and more.   Key Takeaways [3:20] Steve shares why he is passionate about non-profit work. [6:40] There’s a misconception that non-profit work means no money, but it’s run like a business. [7:40] Non-profits do run on thinner margins, which makes this space and the important work people do a lot more challenging. [9:45] The way people want healthcare support has changed over the years. The non-profit space needs to be able to adapt quickly or else it becomes difficult to course-correct later on. [14:35] Steve shares the best ways to work with board members and provide helpful governance training and resources. [17:50] Steve has spent a long time in the healthcare industry and shares some interesting insights about this space. [19:35] Seventy percent of Medicare costs are incurred during the last six to 12 months of life. Steve explains why it’s so expensive. [25:15] Steve explains the origins of hospice care and how this is now translating into the nonprofit space. [27:40] A new thread is emerging: The nonprofit space is an excellent way to test out the next big business idea. [32:00] When you’re trying to make an impact within your community, you make a bigger contribution when you are a part of an organization than just an individual trying to bootstrap it. People can get burned out easily in the nonprofit space. [34:15] In 2020, a lot of leaders, especially in healthcare, had to adapt their leadership style to better accommodate unknown challenges ahead. We’ve all grown from this, but there’s still a lot to learn. [36:45] Steve always enjoyed being the person behind the curtain, but sometimes you need to trust your skills and make that leap of faith to push yourself and step into a leadership role. [41:35] Nonprofit work does pay less. Steve addresses this as a man who also has a family and bills to pay. [44:25] Listener challenge: Focus on restoration work. Take care of others, ourselves, and our communities.   Quotable Quotes   “Passion is really powerful. It can really drive us, but it can also blind us.”   “If organizations don’t evolve... they can decline very quickly.”“If you’re serving on a board, be open to learning; it’s a different place to be a leader.”“We are a death-denying culture… and we like to not plan for things that are inevitable.”   Resources Mentioned Sponsored by: Pass-life.com. Coupon Code: Duty.Websites: Connect2amc.com & LinkedIn
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  • TLP249: Chess Strategies for Business

    Apr 7 2021
    James Schrager studies the use of strategy by executives and venture investors. Drawn to this research by a fascination with extreme success, and a desire to better understand how it happens. James discusses how to evaluate new ventures and growth opportunities. James doesn’t just teach the power of strategy, he also cultivates his executives to look within themselves and conduct a frequent analysis. James shares some of his insights on what expert strategists think about and how to prepare leaders for the future.   Sponsored by...   Cultivate Grit. Amplify Action. Get The Importance of Journaling   We help YOU enjoy the success we’ve already enjoyed. Free downloads of Quick Reference Guides on Delegation, Time Management, Sales, and more.   Key Takeaways [4:00] James shares how he’s adapting his teaching style now that he is teaching remotely. [9:30] Experts look at the same puzzle completely differently than novices. It’s important to include all types of expertise levels in the learning process. [10:55] James makes the connection between the importance of expertise and how this can be applied in leadership. [16:15] Expert chess players ask important questions to make sure their core pieces are safe. A business leader needs to do the same. Instead of always playing on offense or defense, look at the bigger picture. [19:15] When solving a puzzle for the first time, James’s students have a hard time “getting it,” but once they understand the process, they can’t believe the solution wasn’t obvious to them from the very start. Everyone has to start somewhere. [21:10] Conducting frequent analysis on what went wrong and what went right is critical to improving and getting better than where you were before. [22:50] It can be hard to look at your mistakes, but it can also be empowering because it means you don’t have to do it again. [30:35] James shares ways an organization can better develop its unconsciously competent workforce. [36:00] You get through your emotional bias by having other members of your team vet the idea or person. [40:00] Strategists plan and live in the future. They think about the possibilities and disrupt the old way of doing things. [44:45] We have so much data to process in today’s world; James discusses how you best sort this extra information to get to the real facts. [47:50] Great leaders all have one thing in common: Profound curiosity. [48:30] Listener challenge: Look at logic puzzles and use them to discover deeper questions within you.   Quotable Quotes “In business, we always want to think if we’re on offense or defense, and the great problem is we’re neither.”“There’s a secret the (chess) masters have and that secret is insight.”“Take a very close look at everything.”“Strategists live in the future.”“The future is a very scary place to be.”   Resources Mentioned Sponsored by: Pass-life.com. Coupon Code: Duty.Websites: James Schrager & Wikipedia
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  • TLP247: Overcoming with Kara Goldin

    Mar 24 2021

    Kara Goldin is the Founder and CEO of Hint, Inc. and the Author of Undaunted: Overcoming Doubts & Doubters. Her book was written to inspire people to move past their fears and defy the doubters. She has been named one of InStyle’s Badass 50, Fast Company’s Most Creative People in Business, Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs and EY’s Entrepreneur of the Year 2017 Northern California. Kara is also the host of the podcast Unstoppable, where she interviews founders, entrepreneurs, and other disruptors across various industries. In this episode, Kara shares how to not let anyone crush your dreams!


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    Cultivate Grit. Amplify Action. Get The Importance of Journaling


    We help YOU enjoy the success we’ve already enjoyed. 

    Free downloads of Quick Reference Guides on Delegation, Time Management, Sales, and more.


    Key Takeaways

    [9:50] Kara’s first real job was when she was 14. It was a great learning experience because she was able to learn about margins, shipping costs, and more.

    [13:40] Kara has always been entrepreneurial. She would often test out services and prices to figure out what the market wanted and was willing to pay for.

    [19:35] As a busy person, Kara is ruthless when it comes to her time management.

    [25:40] Kara was forced with a tough decision when it came to her business: To Continue or To Quit.

    [27:00] When Kara got some tough feedback about why her product wouldn’t sell, she didn’t go on the offensive, instead, she leaned in and asked questions.

    [30:35] Really watch out for people who believe, “This is just the way it is.” Chances are they’re not curious. They are stuck in a cycle.

    [35:20] You really aren’t alone in this journey. However, so many Millennials are feeling alone right now.

    [38:15] Kara shares her definition of what success looks like.

    [41:15] Kara’s dad gave her the best advice: Do not retire. Find something you’re passionate about and go do it.

    [47:15] Kara shares an important moment in her life that made her learn she could trust herself and her abilities.

    [49:10] When you’re alone with your thoughts, it provides a lot of clarity on what it is you truly want vs. what the people in your life want for you.


    Quotable Quotes

    • “Stay curious.”
    • You are always a student looking for answers. 
    • “I have to be alone to really understand what’s next.”


    Resources Mentioned

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