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The title question might appear a little surprising at first. Does "happiness" really need to be defined? After all, we all seem to know quite well what it is. We know when we are happy and when we are not. However, it turns out to be not that simple. 

Stating selected moments where we feel great or terrible are just sample states where we would use the expressions "happy" or "unhappy". They do not actually define what it is and leave several questions unanswered. Can it be considered "happy" if we are not feeling significantly positive or negative? 

For the purpose of every discussion on happiness for that matter, it is important to ensure we have a solid definition and clear understanding of what we mean by happiness.  

Audiobook content includes:  

  • "What Is Happiness?"
  • "The Psychology of Happiness"
  • "The Keys to Finding Lasting Happiness in Your Life"
  • "Are You a Happy Person, What Do You Say?"  
  • "Quest for Happiness in This Material World"
  • "The Secret to Lasting Happiness"
  • "Can Happiness Be Rated?"  
  • "Happiness Information"
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