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  • Examining consciousness, human potential, and spiritual/material reality. What does it means to Be Human? (Formally known as The Mystic Discoveries Podcast)
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  • The Holistic Human Podcast with Christine Moginie; Nourishing Relationships with the Spiritual World, Twelve Holy Nights, Three Kings Biodynamic Prep

    Nov 25 2021

    Kia Ora e te Whānau, and a warm welcome back to you all.  Feel free to like, subscribe, share and come visit me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa

    You are in for a treat today. I am talking to my wonderful friend Christine Moginie about a classic anthroposophical practice called the Twelve Holy Nights and the Three Kings biodynamic preparation. Christine is a Waldorf teacher, and artist, an art teacher, does biography work, and is a member of the Council for Biodynamics New Zealand - among other things!

    Before we delve into the Holy Nights, Christine shares some suuuuuper interesting stories from her life. She has done a lot of biography work personally and with others, so she speaks about her life with an interesting outlook. She shares about her connection to the natural and elemental worlds, as well as experiences she has had with death and connecting with those she calls her 'Team' in the Spiritual World. 

    We then move onto the Twelve Holy Nights, what the purpose of them are, how they can be worked with and some ways you can observe them this coming season. The book she refers to is “The Twelve Holy Nights and the Spiritual Hierarchies” by Sergei O Prokofieff. I have a book called “The Twelve Holy Nights” by Frans Lutters that you can get from Tanglewood Toys https://tanglewoodtoys.co.nz/products/copy-of-the-kingdom-of-beautiful-colours

    After that she shares with us her experiences with the Three Kings prep, what is in it, when it is to be used, and a warning!

    All in all I really enjoyed listening to Christine, she has a warmth and wisdom that comes from someone who truly practices what they preach. She is super generous and would be happy to talk more with you if you have questions and she has the time. Follow her on Instagram @christinemoginie or @ vortexbiodynamics. Her email address is christinemoginie@gmail.com.  If you want to be a producer of a future podcast or show your support financially you can go to buymeacoffee.com/AmandaLBradley . All funds go towards paying for website hosting, the internet bill and general parenting costs.

    You can also buy some of my creations over and enjoy free worldwide shipping over at https://www.etsy.com/nz/shop/SilvercapCrafts 

    The free and just as appreciated ways to support the podcast is by liking, following, subscribing and sharing this podcast among your networks. I appreciate every like and share so thank you to those who do so. Connect with me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa, on Youtube or on facebook.

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  • The Holistic Human Podcast: The Human Temperaments with Lou Harvey-Zahra

    Aug 14 2021
    Welcome back Holistic Humans, Today I’m blessed to have Lou Harvey Zahra back on the show. Lou is the Author of many amazing parenting books such as Happy Child, Happy Home, Creative Discipline and the Waldorf Birthday Book, Through the Rainbow. Lou has courses and online workshops available for Parents and Teachers which you can access through her website happychildhappyhome.com. Also follow her on facebook and Instagram for loads of tips, short videos and updates about her courses and publications @happychildhappyhome (More info below) Today we go right into Temperaments. Lou explains what they are, why they are important for us to understand and how developing an understanding of our own temperaments will help us better understand ourselves and relate to the world around us. I do want to preface this with the fact that we are a combination of ALL FOUR temperaments, but we usually have one more dominant. These can change over time, and please never tell your young child what you their temperament is. They need the freedom to grow into who they are destined to be. First we introduce the concept of the Temperaments. Then in middle Lou talks about the general characteristics of the four temperaments, how we see it in children, how to relate to children with that temperament and what you may be like as a parent with that temperament. Near the end Lou gets talking about general good parenting, and I recommend you listen right to the end, the tips and insight that come out at the end are golden. We were a bit glitchy and I think looking back, I was a bit delayed on Lou’s end, so forgive the couple of times where we unknowingly talk over each other! Tech is a blessing, but has its own way of doing things at times  I want to make a special mention of Life Ways in North America, they are an organization that support teachers and parents in the Waldorf ways, much like Lou does! The anonymous producer of this episode requested I not mention them, but give a shout-out to an organization they really value. So thank you anonymous and check out Life Ways on Instagram @lifewaysnorthamerica. If you want to be a producer of a future podcast or show your support financially you can go to buymeacoffee.com/AmandaLBradley . All funds go towards paying for website hosting, the internet bill and general parenting costs. The free and just as appreciated ways to support the podcast is by liking, following, subscribing and sharing this podcast among your networks. I appreciate every like and share so thank you to those who do so. Connect with me on Instagram @holistic_human_aotearoa, on Youtube or on facebook. Here is more about Lou, info on upcoming workshops and more: ABOUT LOU Lou Harvey-Zahra is a bestselling Steiner parenting author with 6 popular books (translated into multiple languages), including: Happy Child, Happy Home: Conscious Parenting and Creative DisciplineCreative Discipline, Connected Family: Transforming Tears Tantrums and Troubles While Staying Close to your Children Growing Children, Thriving Children: Raising 7 to 12 Year Olds with Confidence and Awareness Through the Rainbow: A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children Lou’s books are available from www.happychildhappyhome.com/shop within Australia (and all online book sites worldwide). She has inspired thousands of parents (and teachers) presenting worldwide over 15 years. She is teacher (Primary and Steiner schools and with students with special needs). Lou supports and inspires parents with Online Parenting Courses for each age: Terrific ToddlersHappy Children (Parenting 3 to 7 year olds)Thriving Children (7 to 12 year olds) Take a course (7 one hour videos and resources) in your own time and share with a partner, all reduced at present. Go to www.happychildhappyhome.com/online-courses for information on each one. To sign up to Lou’s free newsletter to gain free tips and hear about any upcoming talks and workshops go to www.happychildhappyhome.com These are Lou’s upcoming talks/workshops: BIRDS AND BEES EVENING TALK (How and When to Chat - all ages 2 to 15 - this is a wonderful talk for parents with children of all ages) on Monday 23rd August, 8pm to 9.30pm, cost $20: www.trybooking.com/BTKQT TERRIFIC TODDLER WORKSHOP (Understand, connect and reduce tantrums overnight!) on Saturday 28th August, 9.30am to 12.30pm, Cost $79 and book on www.trybooking.com/BTKWT UNDERSTANDING TEMPERAMENTS WORKSHOP FOR FAMILY HARMONY on Monday 6th September, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, small group, $40, book on www.trybooking.com/BSOLR CREATIVE DISCIPLINE WORKSHOP, learn many tips to transform behavior in a positive and connected way (Toddler to 7) on Sunday 12th September, 9.30am to 12pm, cost $65 and $95 couple, book on www.trybooking.com/BTKRD THE CROSSING: NINE YEAR TRANSFORMATION (Parents with 8 to 10 year olds) on Monday 13th September, 8pm to 9.30pm, $15 and book on www.trybooking.com/BTKRN
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  • The Holistic Human Podcast: Spirituality, Connectivity, Community & Mercury with Olivia and Charlie

    Jul 18 2021

    Please like, subscribe and comment where ever you are listening. And I encourage you to share this on Instagram, twitter or facebook. These are all free ways you can support the podcast and keep it going. You can also support the show financially by going to my buy me a coffee page. I drink a lot of coffee, I also use what is gifted towards webhosting, the internet bill and raising my child 



    Connect with todays guests:


    Olivia Pepper: www.instagram.com/oliviapepper             www.patreon.com/oliviapepper

    Charlie Cross: www.instagram.com/charliecrossss

    Kia Ora and Welcome to another episode of the Holistic Human Podcast. Today I am talking with Olivia Pepper (writer, Star Poet, eclectic magician) and Charlie Cross (anthroposophical student at Dornach Switzerland, astrologer and ultimate frisbee athlete). 

    As you will hear, they are a great team and have been writing a book about the being, the planet that is Mercury. As well as this book they are also offering courses about Mercury (and possibly Venus) in the near future, helping participants build their own understanding and relationship with these planets and wider insights into their own being. 

    They whole conversation had a very mercurial structure. There were three of us in three different time zones. The chat was recorded in three segments (because I don’t have the pro version of Zoom), and there was a lively, fun vibe around it all. 

    We began hearing about Olivia and Charlie’s upbringing, and what lead the to where they are today. Honestly, that part could have been multiple podcasts in itself. 

    Star wisdom is sprinkled throughout and you can tell these two live what they teacher. Both wonderful human beings that are bringing light and inspiration to the world and making the most of the shift to online connective ways. In an age of technological advancement, that moves so fast and can be damaging, when used well it brings people together and can create change for the Good!

    I have to apologize for the first 30 minutes Charlie’s mic is a bit rustley which didn’t sound to bad when we were recording but it was when I listened back to it.  We sorted is after that point, and I encourage you to stick with it because as we get further into the conversation, we get to some really interesting stuff.

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    1 hr and 23 mins

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