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  • May 18 2021

    Is database migration as scary as it sounds? Amy Tom talks to Matt Groves, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, and Curt Gratz, Co-Owner of CKH Consulting. Amy, Matt, and Curt talk about migrating from a SQL database to a NoSQL database, the challenges developers face when shit hits the fan, and assessing the use case of your database. Curt is a Couchbase user and is well-versed in database migration; he shares how to avoid disaster migration and what he's learned using a NoSQL database. Matt slams down the expert advice on what "NoSQL" encompasses, and how to convert your data structures.

    In this episode, Amy, Matt, and Curt discuss:

    • What considerations are behind the decision between using a SQL database over a NoSQL database? (05:05)
    • When is NoSQL an inappropriate solution? Matt says it depends on the amount of data and your need for adaptation/personalization (06:42)
    • What are the challenges facing developers moving from SQL to NoSQL? (08:48)
    • What the heck is ETL? Curt explains that "ETL-ing data" means transforming your data from one place to another (10:10)
    • Can we automatically convert the contents of a SQL Server database to a NoSQL database? Matt talks about his automatic translation project that lifts and shifts data into Couchbase (11:30)
    • What data structures need to be converted when migrating from SQL to NoSQL? (13:12)
    • If NoSQL is schema-less, do the schemas also migrate over? Long story short, Matt says to think of NoSQL as "schema flexible" instead of "schema-less" (15:57)
    • What's the deal with stored procedures and how does that impact NoSQL database operations? (17:30)
    • What about ACID and atomic operations when migrating to NoSQL? (20:46)
    • What happens when shit hits the fan in the migration process? Can you lose your whole database? Curt talks about disaster migration scenarios and how to solve them (23:07)
    • What about the process of migrating from one NoSQL database to another? (29:05)
    • What is Curt and Matt's advice to first-time migrators? Curt says to ask yourself, "why am I migrating?", and Matt says to expect things to go wrong (30:52)

    Follow Matt Groves & Curt Gratz*:*

    • You can follow Matt on Twitter @mgroves
    • You can email Matt at matthew.groves@couchbase.com
    • You can follow Curt on Twitter @gratzc
    • You can email Curt at gratzc@compknowhow.com


    • You can check out Matt's SQL Server To Couchbase on GitHub
    • You can learn more about CKH Consulting: https://ckhconsulting.com
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  • May 14 2021
    This Week On Planet Internet: Elon Musk’s disproportionate influence on doge; all the best Netflix and podcast recommendations; PLUS a chat with the maker of Hacker Noon's latest Chrome Extension—The Free Internet Plugin! 🎧 TUNE IN WITH AMY TOM, NATASHA NEL, AND GUY TORBET: “Creating Content is More Important than Being a Millionaire” — says dogecoin millionaire (01:38)Elon Mask: doge daddy, master marketeer, future murderer (03:52)Lol remember that time David Smooke interviewed John McAfee? (05:01)What does the literal dog of doge meme fame look like today? (06:04)The tea on the the colonial pipeline ransomware attack (07:33ASK US WHAT TO STREAM NEXT (10:28)Will you give Facebook's second favourite daughter the finger and jump ship to Signal with Amy? Apparently WhatsApp is for old people anyway (14:29)Watch out, we got some personal productivity badasses over here (22:18) P.S. Hacker Noon just launched a Free Internet Plugin for Chrome users who want to block paywalled sites from their search results (26:07). You can install it the plug in here — https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/the-free-internet-plugin/lodclhfimkjdjmmjgeioendfjpgoghoo?hl=en-US 🗒️ SHOW NOTES: Why You Should Be Careful Investing in Dogecoin by Andrey Sergeenkov for Hacker Noon: https://hackernoon.com/why-you-should-be-careful-investing-in-dogecoin-vb1c34d3Elon Musk’s tweet: https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1392030108274159619Reddit on SpaceX on Doge: https://www.reddit.com/r/technews/comments/n8l5vv/spacex_accepts_dogecoin_as_payment_to_launch/Morning's Brew's story about the doge millionaire and content king: https://www.morningbrew.com/daily/stories/2021/05/05/dude-became-dogecoin-millionaireTHE DOGE DOG, then and now:  https://www.reddit.com/r/aww/comments/n53rq7/this_is_kabosu_shes_15_years_old_and_was_the/Ransomware attack leads to shutdown of major U.S. pipeline system: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/2021/05/08/cyber-attack-colonial-pipeline/The battle of privacy continues with WhatsApp privacy policy and changes to Google’s Play Store: https://www.theverge.com/2021/5/7/22424769/whatsapp-privacy-policy-deadline-controversy-functionalityReddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/technews/comments/n7pi5r/google_will_make_android_apps_tell_users_about/How I Hacked My Brain To Trigger My Most Productive Coding Stint Ever by Guy Torbet for Hacker Noon: https://hackernoon.com/how-i-hacked-my-brain-to-trigger-my-most-productive-coding-stint-ever-3ph348yJohn McAfee and David Smooke on the #1 Danger of the Internet (and other things): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjbuLa2wt7k&t=17sREAD HACKERNOON.COM 🥌 START CONTRIBUTING: HACKERNOON.COM/SIGNUP 🚀 DOWNLOAD HACKER NOON'S FREE INTERNET PLUGIN FOR PAYWALL-FREE SEARCH RESULTS IN CHROME 💥 https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/the-free-internet-plugin/lodclhfimkjdjmmjgeioendfjpgoghoo?hl=en-US
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  • May 12 2021

    Amy Tom talks to Yevheniia Shmelkova, the Token Specialist at Mysterium Network about crypto exchanges. Yevheniia explains some of the strategic decisions behind choosing which crypto exchange to get listed on including assessing your overall goal, understanding your community, and more. Why would I list my project on a crypto exchange? When is the best time to list my project? Find out on this episode of the Hacker Noon Podcast.

    In this episode, Amy and Yevheniia discuss:

    • Amy confesses her fears of crypto and Yevheniia eases Amy's concerns about being a first-time investor (02:50)
    • At what point should you get your project listed? What happens after the project gets listed? (06:03)
    • How to choose which crypto exchange to get listed on (09:09)
    • Does it make sense to list on multiple exchanges? Yevheniia says, "it depends" (11:36)
    • The difference between centralized exchanges and decentralized exchanges (12:43)
    • The best listing strategy when it comes to crypto exchanges (14:26)
    • The popular exchanges to get listed on. Does Amy really need to ask? Yes... yes, she does (16:25)
    • Yevheniia's advice for companies/people who are listing a token for the first time (18:52)
    • Mysterium's token, Myst, which is how Mysterium users pay for their VPN (21:36)
    • How can "crypto babies" like Amy learn more about tokenization? (24:02)

    Follow Yevheniia & Mysterium Network:

    • You can connect with Yevheniia on LinkedIn
    • You can visit Mysterium Network's Website at mysterium.network
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  • May 11 2021

    Amy Tom talks to Matt Groves, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Couchbase, and Rob Hedgpeth, Developer Advocate at MariaDB about their careers. Rob and Matt are former coworkers from Couchbase; they reminisce about their career paths and their time working together. The trio gets REAL about starting from the bottom, working too hard, and learning along the way.

    In this episode, Amy, Matt, and Rob discuss:

    • Their very first jobs. Matt recalls being a paperboy and Rob reminisces about his days on the farm (1:23)
    • Their education paths. Matt got a computer science degree after learning how to code on a TRS-80 computer from a book as a kid. Rob was the first one in his family to go to college; he got a Bachelor's in Computer Science from Missouri State. That lead him to eventually become a Developer Advocate (4:40)
    • Matt's book, AOP in .NET. Amy asks about his publishing story and authoring process (10:20)
    • Rob's book, R2DBC Revealed. Rob talks about his experience with publishing; he got approached by a publisher after giving a talk (14:44)
    • Rob's experience as a Developer Advocate, and the importance of establishing credibility and solving problems. (20:50)
    • Matt's advice for an aspiring Product Marketing Manager is to learn from other developers who are willing to teach you and to network with your peers (27:37)
    • If Matt could give his former self from 10 years ago some career advice, he'd tell himself to pause to ask, "do you really want to do this?" (30:27)
    • Rob's advice to his former self is to RELAX more and to stress less. This is the advice he'd give himself from 10 years ago and also from 6 months ago. Very relatable (32:15)

    Follow Matt Groves & Rob Hedgpeth:

    • You can follow Matt on Twitter @mgroves
    • You can email Matt at matthew.groves@couchbase.com
    • You can follow Rob on Twitter @probablyrealrob
    • You can email Rob at robh@mariadb.com


    • You can check out Matt's book, AOP in .NET
    • You can check out Rob's book, R2DBC Revealed
    • You can learn more about Couchbase at https://www.couchbase.com/
    • You can learn more about MariaDB at https://mariadb.com/
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  • May 7 2021

    Would you subscribe to a video platform that produced 15-minute videos? Is it illegal to Snapchat with Gen Z? Join Utsav, Richard, Hang, Amy and Limarc for This Week on Planet Internet:

    • Amy lets everyone know IMMEDIATELY that she does not identify as Gen Z (0:36)
    • Breaking down why Hang (the resident Gen Z) loves to share photos of her breakfast, lunch, and dinner but would never do a social media house tour (05:10)
    • Is Snapchat still a thing? Richard only vaguely knows Snapchat exists, Limarc legally and morally cannot Snap with Gen Z, and Amy recalls Snapping back in the day (08:58)
    • Does Gen Z care more about the environment because they have more skin in the game? Is Gen Z just more proactive than other generations? (14:20)
    • Knuckle crack, Hang's take on MONEY and INVESTING. Also, PLEASE Limarc, Hang doesn't need a calculator, she just has the numbers in her head. Hang IS the calculator. (24:10)
    • Why did Quibi fail? Was Chrissy's Court with Chrissy Teigen not enough? Of course, Richard has no idea who Chrissy Teigen is (27:30)

    Read the stories mentioned in this podcast:

    1. What are the differences between Gen Z and other Generations? from Dara Fontein's Hootsuite article: https://blog.hootsuite.com/generation-z-statistics-social-marketers/
    2. Generation Z is over here organizing rallies with thousands of people and Utsav couldn't rally the block. Gen Z Is Emerging As The Sustainability Generation by Greg Petro on Forbes.
    3. Gen Z’s Money Legos on Hacker Noon by @julianhosp. If you aren't investing by 20, you're late to the game, according to Hang.
    4. Quibi's Launch: Why It Fell Flat With GenZ on Hacker Noon by @@pranc_ https://hackernoon.com/quibis-launch-why-it-fell-flat-with-genz-8g5w3z8z


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  • May 5 2021

    Amy Tom talks to Pavel Desjnuk, Co-founder and CTO of Webiny, and Richard Kubina, Full-Stack Developer Extrodinaire at Hacker Noon, about the implications of serverless CMS. They discuss serverless migration, whether to go serverless or stay on-prem, and the security implications of serverless CMS. Should you trust serverless systems? Can you easily migrate to a serverless system? Find out on this episode of the Hacker Noon podcast.

    In this episode, Amy talks to Pavel Desjnuk and Richard Kubina about:

    • What does serverless CMS really mean? (06:30)
    • Would Richard implement a serverless CMS? (12:20)
    • The security implications of serverless systems (14:30)
    • Serverless systems for small businesses (18:50)
    • When Coca-Cola moved to a serverless system and saved 60% of their bill (21:45)
    • How to establish a connection between your Headless CMS and a page builder (30:40)
    • Whether your API gets bombarded with queries with serverless CMS (36:00)

    Follow Pavel Desjnuk*:*

    • Follow Pavel on Twitter @paveldesinjuk
    • Learn more about Webiny at webiny.com

    Read more on Hacker Noon:

    • Read Richard's stories on Hacker Noon


    • Join the Webiny Slack community
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  • May 4 2021
    • Amy Tom chats with Mark Gamble, the Product & Solutions Marketing Director at Couchbase, about Edge Computing. They talk about being at the edge of the cloud, moving your data operations closer to your customer, and assessing your need for edge computing. Mark explains tiered data systems, setting up data centers to avoid system downtime, computing configuration for faster response time.

      In this episode, Amy and Mark talk about:

      • Mark's definition of edge computing - bringing data and computing closer to the applications that are being consumed (10:00)
      • How to get to the edge of the cloud and closer to the customer (13:40)
      • Target suffered a 2-hour POS system outage and lost $50 Million (16:25)
      • What is driving the growth of edge computing - an alternative to meeting the demand of internet users (22:00)
      • The balancing act between the cost of edge computing with the risk of downtime (23:58)
      • How to manage analytic processing of large amounts of data while avoiding high latency when you require a real-time response of your application (30:00)
      • A layered data storage approach to dictate where the data is stored (35:00)

      Connect Mark Gamble:

      • Email him at mark.gamble@couchbase.com


      Learn more about Couchbase's Edge Computing Solution

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  • Apr 28 2021

    What happens when big corp shuts down conversation? What is Russia's deal with Sputnik exports? Crypto in Africa — equalizing force, or daydream? Join Linh, Natasha, Amy, Limarc and Damian for This Week on Planet Internet:

    • Is there such a thing as a no politics culture? (1:40)
    • Amy Tom goes real deep, real early #sorrynotsorry (3:22)
    • "Pleasant" for whom, Basecamp? PLEASANT 👏 FOR 👏 WHOM 👏 (07:54)
    • Naturally Limarc Ambalina's gon' be playing devil's advocate (09:40)
    • Key Takeaway: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, get a mediator (12:24)
    • Why is Russia exporting so much Sputnik? (14:55)
    • Limarc kind of maybe sympathizes with a Russian Dictator's decision to let his people die (16:40)
    • Africa: the continent of milk and honey for startups and cryptos? (21:10)
    • Necessity is the mother of all invention... (29:32)
    • No gods no masters — down with regulation! (32:56)

    Read the stories mentioned in this podcast:

    1. Is there such a thing as a “no politics” culture? Letters from Basecamp Founder and Coinbase Founder (medium link ugh): https://world.hey.com/jason/changes-at-basecamp-7f32afc5 and https://blog.coinbase.com/coinbase-is-a-mission-focused-company-af882df8804?gi=d00265f16919
    2. Russia, vaccine, science, space war, and more: from The daily aka Linh's main source of podcast lol: https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/26/podcasts/the-daily/russia-vaccine-coronavirus-vladimir-putin.html
    3. Africa startups news on Hacker Noon! Question: out of the 69 billion raised for startups reported by Pitchbook in Q1 of 2021, how many are based or partially based in Africa? Prob not much.
    4. Crypto in Africa News on Hacker Noon. Equalizing force or a daydream? https://hackernoon.com/more-africans-walk-towards-financial-freedom-due-to-cryptocurrencies-552z33xu

    This podcast was hosted by Linh Dao Smooke and panelled by Natasha Nel, Amy Tom, and Limarc Ambalina. This week we're also joined by our brand new podcast editor, Damian McIlhenny!


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