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  • The only podcast where 2-3 small giants AND top performers, come together weekly to give behind the scenes look at turning trials into triumph - in life, work, and business. Thalia Toha is the host. She is a CEO, Outdoor adventurer, Former architect, Strategist, and Advocate of purposeful work that make a big impact. She believes that anyone can be a small giant. Her thoughts and insights have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Huffington Post, SELF Magazine, & Business Insider. And with less than 100 followers, she's advised companies with a combined annual revenue of $120+ Billion. She doesn't believe that you have to be a big name to have a fulfilling life. Thalia is passionate about teaching and supporting people so that they can go home at the end of the day, sit down on their couch, and be able to say: "I LOVE what I do." Which is why on this podcast with listeners in 60+ countries, she shares insights from her work with her students, and from people who are just starting out, to Talks with Google speakers, from Olympians to TEDx speakers, and from US Air Force pilots to Emmy award winners. When she's not busy teaching and helping entrepreneurs and professionals around the world, she's doing things outside of her comfort zone, like getting her butt kicked at elevations of 13,000+ feet - about half of Everest. Follow, Subscribe, Add, or Collect this show so that you don't miss out on ways to be part of a group of extraordinary individuals.
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  • Man v. Sea: surviving the impossible, losing 100 pounds, what it really takes, surfing, Bali, and performance entropy

    Jul 21 2021

    If you’re left on your own in the middle of the ocean, what would you do?

    Because isn’t this the essence of anyone’s life if you’re passionate about something that you don’t get a lot of support for? Or if you’re doing something that you believe in that others don’t necessarily believe in as well?

    Today, we sit down with Peter “Twiggy” Van Ryan, who was raised by surfers, experienced abandonment in his youth, and has surfed in some of the most majestic waves around the world for 45+ years, and helped people overcome their anxiety, fear, and inability to surf. He’s sharing with us:

    • The mechanics of Entropy and why it affects how a man can survive any wave
    • Steps he took to overcome the creeping fear when he’s in the middle of the ocean on his own
    • What exactly he said “Don’t run away from this!” to, and what it taught him about moving forward
    • Overcoming an addictive personality and why he did not surf for 2 straight years.
    • How he lost nearly 100 pounds when he was overweight,
    • The single-most important way you can trick your brain to perform in impossible situations, and
    • Ways you can access and benefit from his community of 10,000+ people

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    45 mins
  • How the smallest countries became the wealthiest

    Jul 20 2021

    Is it possible to be completely unknown, yet reach stratospheric success?


    I always believe that you could.


    But not everyone believes this. Because we’ve been fed the idea that you HAVE to have a MASSIVE following, hundreds of thousands of people knowing you – before you see any sign of impact and success.

    But what if all of that is untrue?

    What if you can totally be WHO you are, with all your flaws, and STILL make an impact?

    Many tiny, small countries have done this. They never quite competed with bigger countries to leave a mark.

    But they’ve SOMEHOW become the most successful, even wealthiest countries.

    How exactly do they do that?

    We talk about this in this episode.

    If you ever want to live an enriched life in abundance, this episode is for you.

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    22 mins
  • Unseen pitfalls to avoid before creating a new income stream: Impactful lessons learned from Brene Brown, epic road trip, and Amazon

    Jul 14 2021

    What if you only need to do ONE thing right first, to create a new income stream?

    It’s hard to know exactly nowadays who to listen to. From advice on business card, the right connection, website, and on and on – what exactly DO you need before creating a new income stream?

    There’s a lot of question about how to create a website that align with your time, schedule, and values – in a way that doesn’t really eat up your time.

    Which is why, today, we’re sitting down with Brandi Bernioskie.

    From working with #1 New York Times best-seller Brene Brown, Laverne Cox, Ali Brown, and Judy Smith, to taking time off to travel across the US, to discovering entrepreneurship, Brandi is now a strategic business consultant, website developer, founder of Alchemy and Aim and Interstellar Support where she helps people elevate their online presence and get the right website and technology to be successful.

    Today, she’s sharing with us:

    • What most people don’t know about successfully naming a company or an offering.
    • The uncommon way she discovered what she’s meant to do.
    • The ONE key aspect behind designing a website that gets you more views.
    • The thought process needed behind making big decisions you won’t regret.
    • 2 proven ways you can start getting clients if you’re in a slump, today.
    • How often an update is necessary if you want to win back time.
    • What Brandi learned from working with Brene Brown and her team.

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    1 hr and 1 min

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