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The Fear of Water Cure

How to Overcome Your Fear of Water for Life
Narrated by: Christopher C. Odom
Length: 32 mins
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Publisher's Summary

You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how to get over your aquaphobia and finally do things that you are not able to accomplish because of your fear of water. 

Many people revere and fear water because of the way it can be majestic and yet dangerous. When it is at an extreme, aquaphobia may interfere with one’s otherwise normal life. People with aquaphobia do realize that the fear they have for water is not entirely rational; however, that fear is something that they cannot control. 

The intensity of fear instilled by aquaphobia ranges from mild to crippling depending on a person’s experience as well as the frequency and degree of exposure to the stimulus. The effects can be as minor as the lack of confidence around water or as extreme as having very intense negative feelings because of it every single time (chronic water phobia). The good thing is, aquaphobia can be treated just like the other social phobias. Once the possible causes of a person’s aquaphobia are determined, treatment strategies shall be recommended to help the person overcome aquaphobia permanently. 

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  • Aquaphobia and its causes
  • Treatment strategies for fear of water
  • Water exercises for overcoming aquaphobia

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