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  • Life consists of two significant pathways. Individual character and our opportunity to influence those around us. All of us are searching for meaning along these two paths. Day by day, moment by moment, choice by choice, we find ourselves in the intersection of personal character and community influence. The Crossroad Podcast discusses life in this intersection. Join us as we explore redefining effective leadership, how to live well and making the most of our opportunity to influence.
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  • S 2 Ep 3: Who Has The Power To Decide

    Sep 21 2021

    In this episode of The Crossroad Podcast, Joey and Kylie discuss one of the most popular coping mechanisms we introduced in the last episode - borrowing choices. To avoid our own decisions, we often try to take on the choices of others. It is safer, the consequences are a little further away. Joey and Kylie will discuss the three things you can control and the difficult but vital practice of focusing on your own choices.

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    37 mins
  • S 2 Ep 2: The Prevalence of Choices

    Sep 14 2021

    In this episode of The Crossroad Podcast, Joey and Kylie talk about the prevalence of choices and some of the ways we cope with this incessant reality in our lives. Many of the times, we make our decisions without even knowing why (or that we are making them!). Other times, we hide or run from choices, enacting any number of coping mechanisms to try to avoid the power and responsibility that comes from making a decision. Yet, even avoidance is a choice. How can we begin to face choices with courage and intention?

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    38 mins
  • S 2 Ep 1: The Power of Choices

    Sep 7 2021

    In this episode of The Crossroad Podcast, Joey and Kylie introduce our Season Two topic: choices. We are all decision-making entities. We make thousands, if not millions, of choices every day. Setting up for the rest of Season Two, Joey and Kylie talk about the power of choices, how they shape and mold our character, and how they impact our ability to lead, influence others, and affect the world around us.

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    32 mins

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