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Publisher's Summary

The most rapid expansion of Christianity in history took place in the first 250 years of the Church’s history, until recently.

Something has been happening for the past 25 years in China that is growing even faster. What is remarkable is that both of these explosive Church growth movements have something in common besides a multitude of “on fire” Christians led by the Holy Spirit. Both are house-church movements. The most dramatic Church growth in history in ancient and in modern times has occurred where there were no church buildings - just believers multiplying from house to house.

This book looks at the philosophy and practicality of “home church” for today. It is must-listen for any believer interested in seeing the Great Commission fulfilled in our time.

“Here is a fine tool for those concerned about planting churches as the basic building block in reaching the world’s remaining unreached peoples.” (Dr. Ralph Winter, Founder and President of the US Center for World Mission)

“Robert Fitts, Sr., is a man with a passion to saturate the world with local churches. This zeal comes through clearly as a mandate in his book The Church in the House. This is truly a strategy to fast-track discipleship that is desperately needed right now as millions have been turning to Christ in Asia, Africa, Latin America, and Eastern Europe.” (Loren Cunningham, Founder and President, Youth with a Mission)

“Robert Fitts is one of God’s growing number of voices today on the subject of House Church. He has been a man in preparation for many years. The Church in the House gives a compelling presentation for the very simple, biblical approach to church life. We can see the Great Commission fulfilled quickly if we will follow this approach to church planting and church life. May God use this book around the world to awaken His people to His plan for His church.” (Nate Krupp, home church author and publisher)

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