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  • Chess improvement as an adult is harder than it should be. Plus, the journey can sometimes feel too stressful and serious. This show aims to fix that by 1) interviewing experts who can offer clarity on the best ways to improve; and 2) giving you a heap of fun with “chess entertainment” shows that discuss chess culture, events, movies, etc. Most episodes feature a guest, but sometimes I'll do a solo show on a topic. This is all brought to you by me, Daniel Lona. I’m a dedicated chess amateur and the owner of Adult Chess Academy. After listening to this podcast, I want you to have a clearer idea of how to improve, and have a more fun, dynamic chess experience. Please follow the show so you don’t miss an episode!
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  • Aug 16 2022

    To some, chess is just a game. But it can also be a valuable tool for giving us powerful life lessons. And these lessons can teach us how to achieve our goals better. Or improve our career. Sometimes, though, those insights aren’t always obvious to us...

    So, we need a little help or awareness in uncovering them.

    That’s what today’s guest, FM Alisa Melekhina, explains in my conversation with her.

    And it’s also the subject of her super book, Reality Check

    In this episode, you’ll discover:

    • How chess teaches you more effective decision-making in your career.
    • The best mindset for adult improvers who want to excel in chess but struggle with limited time.
    • The chess “life lesson” of being calm or objective in the face of a problem.
    • How to find meaning in your chess beyond just rating climbs.

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    More From Alisa Melekhina Here:

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    1 hr and 12 mins
  • Aug 9 2022

    029  Eric Rosen is perhaps best known for off-beat openings and stalemate traps. But don’t sleep on his incredible coaching skills. In this interview, Eric offers powerful advice in answering questions from my Twitter followers on improving as adults.

    Before we get into the heart of sharpening your chess skills...

    The episode first covers Eric’s career as one of the world’s top chess streamers and content creators…

    Including his favorite types of content and how he strikes a balance between entertainment and education.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

    • The unexpected secret to increasing your rating.
    • Does studying endgames or openings lead to better growth as a player?
    • How does an adult balance their chess ambitions with the limits of everyday life?
    • How do you bust through a rating plateau?
    • Eric’s “dream content” that he hopes to one day create. 

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    Follow Eric Rosen Here:

    Resources Mentioned: 

    Eric’s article Chess Life Online on how to overcome rating plateaus

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    1 hr
  • Aug 2 2022

    028 Bruce Pandolfini is arguably America’s greatest chess coach. His impact on growing the game throughout the world is immeasurable. Bruce is the author of dozens of superb chess books. All are great, and many are still must-reads for beginners and club players.

    He’s been the coach for such top players as Fabiano Caruana and Josh Waitzkin.

    Bruce has also been the consultant for the most popular chess stories ever put to screen: Searching for Bobby Fischer & The Queen’s Gambit.

    Countless other accomplishments fill Bruce’s career.

    More than can be quickly described in this introduction.

    The chess world has been enhanced greatly through his work and presence.

    In this episode, we cover:

    • The common traits of his most successful students.
    • Has chess coaching improved over the years?
    • Did he expect The Queen’s Gambit to cause a chess boom?
    • Were his coaching methods accurately represented in Searching For Bobby Fischer?

    More From Bruce Pandolfini:

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    1 hr and 7 mins

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