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  • When I was a teenager, I loved knowing and keeping secrets. It made me feel important. It made me feel special, and it made me feel included. I bet you're the same. That's why I want to invite you to join me for a weekly Colorfully Candid conversation that will unlock the secrets that are going to set your soul free! If it’s the glory of God to conceal things and the glory of kings to search them out as Proverbs 25:2 tells us, then we have some work to do. Let’s search for and share the secrets that have supported life’s enjoyment and purpose for way longer than any of us have been alive with a fresh perspective, special guests, and a little laughter along the way. 

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  • Self Whaaat? With HR Executive Ebonee Ifeobu

    Sep 6 2021

    I wanted to call her an HR Mogul, but I knew our guest today would kill me if I did. Irregardless of the title, my best friend is the perfect person to help us discuss our subject today because it's not an easy one!

    I noticed the self control that my best friend, Ebonee, had when we were in college, and since then, it has only grown as she’s served in various roles over the years professionally for the Bridgestone Corporation as the HR Director over Latin America and now the Lead of D&I (Diversity and Inclusion) for all of North America. 

    I don’t know what you've heard, but self control will bless your life! Today, Ebonee is giving us insight on how to invite God to help us develop it further and how many more rewards it can bring if we do! 

    We talked through Galatians 5:22-23, 1 Peter 5:7-8, 2 Timothy 1:7, and 1 Corinthians 9:24-27 if you want to look them up for yourself a little later. 

    For now, just know that even though there is absolutely nothing glamorous about self discipline, it will not only guarantee that we enjoy success, but it will ensure we finish well. 

    If you want to follow Ebonee and connect with her, she is on Linked In, and you can follow her at http://linkedin.com/in/ebonee-davis-76134421. 

    My favorite places to hang out are on Instagram and YouTube, so click one of the links below to get connected so we can finish the conversation. I am grateful you're here!

    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCph7Ez_21bFNM622lZ4fYNA

    Instagram: https://instagram.com/candidliv

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    40 mins
  • The Fruit with Photographer Shalisha Lewis

    Aug 23 2021

    Season 2 of The Best Kept Secret with Liv Dooley is here, and I’m so grateful you’ve connected with me once again! This season, we are studying the fruit of the Spirit, found in Galatians 5:22-23 and it is my hope that we all yield our character to God so that we show up more fully representative of His great love. 

    This incredibly gifted photographer just so happens to be one of my prayer partners, and you're going to love her! Shalisha Lewis is here to help us start the conversation as she opens up about what parts of the fruit come easy to her and what parts are a tad bit more challenging. 

    Can you guess the ones that are hard for me? Yep, you guessed it! It’s gentleness LOL! Pray for ya girl, and while you’re at it, drop the parts of the fruit that are a little more challenging for you below as well. There’s accountability in transparency. Is it love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, gentleness, or self-control?

    If you’re interested in the devotional on YouVersion that I referenced, you can find it here…https://www.bible.com/en/reading-plans/17021

    Shalisha’s Instagram is here: https://www.instagram.com/shalishalewis_photography/

    Mine is here: https://instagram.com/candidliv

    Andddd you can watch the podcast on YouTube as well. Here's the link if you want to see the pictures I referenced:


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    34 mins
  • It's Time for a Reset!

    Jun 21 2021

    I have been away for a while, but it’s for a good reason! If I don’t know anything else, I know that we serve a creative God. In fact, the first name we learn of His in the Bible is found in Genesis 1 and translated ELOHIM. ELOHIM literally means: STRONG, CREATOR GOD. 

    That’s why I recommend slowing down, quieting your heart, and getting in God’s face-especially when you’re feeling overwhelmed, confused, or uninspired. He’ll not only bless you with a new vision, but He’ll also give you a new strategy, too!

    I recognized that I needed a summer reset late in May to renew my mind and ensure that the content I share is refreshing to your spirit. I don’t ever want to prioritize quantity over quality, so I hope you understand and choose to take some time yourself. 

    This podcast is currently undergoing some reconstruction, and I pray you’ll stick around for it. There will be surprise episodes sprinkled throughout the rest of the summer, but we'll be back, for real for real in August. I love you to the heavens and back! 

    💗 Liv

    Want to fact check my scripture reference? I always recommend it. 

    Check out notes from the Blue Letter Bible on Genesis 1:1 here: https://www.blueletterbible.org/kjv/gen/1/1/t_conc_1001

    Want to watch the video that accompanies this podcast? It's at https://youtu.be/IwQwmW32ZL8

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    The website is under reconstruction, too, but I go live every Friday at 7AM. Let's connect!




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