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Publisher's Summary

The fallen archangel’s fate is nigh. After 200,000 years of imprisonment, Lucifer faces the Ancient of Days Tribunal, where his final punishment shall be decreed. Shall Lucifer be spared; or shall he pay for his crimes with the ultimate punishment: soul-death?

Directed by Archangel Michael, Thyron commissions a dossier that unveils suppressed history from Lucifer’s immortal lifetime. Will Thyron discover the whole truth? What truth is hidden in the secret history coins that impact Thyron’s perspective of Lucifer? Will Lucifer’s defense prevail with Thyron’s help?

©2016 Craig Campobasso (P)2018 Craig Campobasso

Critic Reviews

"An outstanding finale to the trilogy!" (Darryl Anka, internationally acclaimed channel of Bashar)

"Once again, Craig Campobasso delivers a book as if captured through a camera lens about Universal Society. An unbelievable spiritual quest." (George Noory, host of Coast to Coast AM and Beyond Belief

"The mind of Craig Campobasso is like none other that you will encounter. Don’t try to figure it out. Just go along for the ride." (Chip Coffey, internationally acclaimed psychic and medium as seen on Paranormal State and Psychic Kids

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