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The Anal Retentive Narcissist

Transcend Mediocrity, Book 312
By: J.B. Snow
Narrated by: D. Gaunt
Length: 32 mins

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Publisher's Summary

Anyone who has been around a narcissist for any length of time is aware of how surly, picky, disagreeable, and anal retentive they can be. People who are only around the narcissist casually will not see a problem in his anal retentiveness. Those who have to live with the narcissist, however, come to realize how difficult and painstaking literally every task is when you are in the presence of the narcissist.  

I have seen narcissists become picky and disagreeable over the smallest of things. They are extremely intolerant to others, but they become a nuisance to others at the same time. The narcissist is a complete conundrum of conflicting behaviors and opinions. He hates that other people are picky when it comes to his behaviors, but he has a sharp tongue when he is criticizing others for not doing things "his" way.  

This audiobook discusses the anal retentive nature of the narcissist. We talk about how the narcissist is so high-strung and methodical he can hardly get anything done with any efficiency. We discuss how surly he gets when he lives in an environment with other people who clash with him. We will give case examples of people who have had to live with the narcissist’s ridiculous standards, and how it can cause serious emotional damage to try to walk on eggshells in the narcissist’s environment.  

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