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Publisher's Summary

Here are 10 sexy stories that are sure to turn up the heat. With rough sex, first-time anal sex, threesomes, first-time lesbian sex, and more, the bundle is filled with sexy situations and exciting erotic encounters.

Warning: This audiobook contains very explicit descriptions of sexual activity. Only mature adults who won't find that offensive should listen to this collection.

  • 1. "Sex on the Beach in Aruba: An Erotic Romance" by Andi Allyn
  • 2. "Kissing Kassandra: A First Lesbian Sex Erotic Short" by Carolyn Cox
  • 3. "Claire in Control: A Story of Erotic Obedience" by Francine Forthright
  • 4. "Horny for the Ranch Hand: A Cowgirl Anal Sex Threesome Short" by Marilyn More
  • 5. "Rough and Gentle: Gangbang at Carnivale" by Molly Synthia
  • 6. "Tube Top Friday: A Young Sex at Work Erotica Story" by Kate Youngblood
  • 7. "Waking up Completely Full! Surprised by My Gardener: A First Anal Sex Short" by Lisa Vickers
  • 8. "Hands and Fingers: Sara's First Threesome at Carnivale" by Molly Synthia
  • 9. "Rough Power for the Ranger: A Rough Sex in Public Erotica Story" by Samantha Sampson
  • 10. "Slammed in the Sand (A Very Rough FFM Ménage a Trois on the Beach)" by Stacy Reinhardt

©2014 Red Hot Explicit Erotica Press (P)2015 Lyrical Lip Service, LLC.

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