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  • COVID19, an economic shut down and a global pandemic, forced a worldwide quarantine and caused the entire world to feel the impact. In the midst of this, I launched The 2020 Entrepreneur World ( T20E World ) podcast. A podcast dedicated to inspiring, motivating, and guiding Gen Z, Millennials and society with over 30 years of my Life Lessons, Business and Entrepreneurial experiences! There is no better time to ReVIEW, ReTHINK and ReINVENT a new YOU!
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  • 057 - From Corporate Career to Crafting your own Beer with Joe Fisher
    Oct 19 2021

    On this week's episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur World (T20E World) I have friend and entrepreneur Joe Fisher with me.  Owner today of Man Skirt Brewing Company in Hackettstown, NJ.

    Joe shares his journey, as he decides to finally leave Corporate America, Fortune 100 world to fulfilling and pursue his dream of owning his own Brewery!  I asked him what made him pursue BEER BREWING?  Did he have a business plan in place before leaving corporate and what finally made him that HUGE step into entrepreneurship!

    Definitely an awesome conversation about the WORLD and ART of making BEER! Joe took me through the process and science behind Man Skirt Brewing and how he comes up with names and formulas for his beers.  

    I must say I did sample a couple of his beers, like "Czechs And Balances" Pilsner - Czech and "La Crevette" Grisette BOTH were outstanding!

    YES, I know what you are ALL thinking . . . . how did he come up with the name "MAN SKIRT" Brewing?  Well, take a listen to this podcast  to find out!

    As we wrap up our episode, Joe drops his ADVISE BOMB with us ALL!!!!

    "No matter how good you are at what you do, whether its making the best beer on the planet . . .  you must always remember that you are running a BUSINESS FIRST!  While the product is super important, being able to run the day to day of a business is crucial to your long term SURVIVAL"

    REMEBER THIS as I also second that advise from Joe!!

    It was a fun time spent chatting with him!  Be sure to follow Joe on all major platforms @ManSkirtBrew or go to his Website: https://manskirtbrewing.com/

    If you are ever in the Hackettstown area, definitely worth a stop at MAN SKIRT BREWING located at 144 main Street, Hackettstown, NJ 07840.  mention T20E WORLD and get 50% off 1st Beer!!!

    SALUD my friends!


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    26 mins
  • 056 - Understanding YOUR ANCHORS in YOUR LIFE
    Sep 1 2021
    We all need support at times. As we continue to develop both personally and professionally during the course of our lives, we all have those ‘things’ that we can count on.     What happens when the ‘things’ that we have relied upon for strength, guidance, or even just friendship are removed? Potentially destabilizing events can be thrusted upon us suddenly and/or while we sit and helplessly watch the incoming tide.   In today's podcast, I dive deep into a space where we touch upon every emotion a human possesses.  It's an episode that my friend, Johnny Ruppert and I have talked about doing for some time now.  Only this time, it's about his journey and sharing how he dealt with the balancing of the "floating dock" (representing LIFE). Listen to this personal discussion as Johnny shares how his "Life ANCHORS" that kept the "floating dock" stable, slowly began to snap one chain at a time.   Our goal with today's episode is to show that along our journey throughout life, we will need the help of others. Always remember, it's okay to reach out and ask. The support of others is what "Anchors" us and keeps us grounded, preventing us from going adrift. Johnny shares with us how he refused to surrender to the storm and made the decision to grow and adapt to form the new anchors that has gotten him through his day to day life.     I am so grateful for Johnny Ruppert. As a friend of over 25+ years, I wish that I would have known MORE about what he was going through in his personal life, how he was desperately trying to balance the "floating dock" as the "anchors" were coming apart. I remember first hand when he was going through these turbulent times in his life.  I was on the outside looking in, not knowing what was happening inside the mind of my friend.     I am thankful to him for entrusting my platform and podcast, T20E World to share with us all his personal journey. I hope this episode makes an impact in your life. Not only to know that it is always okay to reach out and ask for assistance during those tough times or turbulent times (as we call it) but also to get professional help when you are feeling all alone and like there is no one you can trust.  It's perfectly okay.   I ask that you please leave us a review with comments, share this episode or share an experience. We can make this world a much better place, if we learn to continue to respect, accept and support one another. Thank you. 
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    37 mins
  • 055 - Living a More POSITIVE LIFE
    Aug 24 2021

    Living a POSITIVE life starts with your MINDSET. You must have a POSITIVE ATTITUDE to create a POSITIVE ACTION.

    In this week’s episode of The 2020 Entrepreneur (T20E World) I share with you 10 TIPS on how to live a more positive life! 


    1. ELIMINATE the NOISE - You must focus on the good things in your life
    2. GRATITUDE & APPRECIATION -  Every morning be thankful for what you have been given
    3. POSITIVE INFLUENCES - Surround yourself with positive Individuals, and the things that make you smile the most
    4. REMOVE NEGATIVITY - Make sure to identify the negatives and then start figuring out how to remove them
    5. SOLUTIONS not PROBLEMS - Focus and work on the solutions not so much the problems
    6. LIVE TODAY, BE PRESENT - Keep the past in the past and don’t ever let past experiences drag you down. Live in the moment and make it better than yesterday
    7. POSITIVE ACTIONS – What have you done lately to make an impact on someone's life? 
    8. FOCUS on what MATTERS - Do not just focus on what you can not control nor change, time is precious
    9. STOP JUDGING OTHERS – You never know what is going on in someone else’s life and the struggles they are dealing with
    10. CREATE MORE YOU TIME – Your life is meant to be LIVED and it is a time for you to connect with your inner self. 

    Overall, the rewards are never ending.


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    8 mins

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