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  • In sales, everyone is looking for help, yet so few are willing to give it unselfishly. Scott and Richard teamed up to bring their best advice from their own life experiences, real-world job experiences, and what they see sales reps and leaders do right, and equally important do wrong so you don't have to. And yeah, there will be the occasional surf story as well. Subscribe, consume, share and comment of course.
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  • S2E76 - LIVE Bonfire Session - Building a Successful SKO for Your Team

    Oct 19 2021
    Joined by Chloe Stewart (CRO of Pilot.com), Niraj Kapur (Managing Director of Everybody Works in Sales), Belal Batrawy (Startup Advisor at DeathToFluff) and moderated by Tim Clarke (Senior Director of Marketing at Salesforce) we talk about:  To SKO or not to SKO? Are they always necessary? How can we redesign the structure of SKOs What's the key component of an SKO? *Hint* engagement.  How to bring engagement virtually or in-person and we dive deeper into popular opinions and some not-so-popular opinions on hosting events like this.
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  • S2E75 - How to De-Risk Your Pipeline with Tony J. Hughes

    Oct 18 2021
    Everything looks pretty good up until the middle of the quarter, but then it all evaporates. Deals slip and fail to close. What are the root causes and how do you solve it? Tony J. Hughes joins us in a Surf and Sales Bonfire session to give you all the answers. The biggest differentiation is based on the experience of your buyer The Middle is where deals go to die It's not about closing, its is about opening 3 Reasons A Deal Pushes and Dies What Leaders Should Manage Specifically What Leaders Should Coach Their Teams on Better
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  • S2E74 - What's wrong with demos today with Jonathan Friedman

    Oct 11 2021
    Jonathon has spent his life and career living in various parts of the world and building businesses that help grow through practical product-led growth. He shares amazing insights and some actionable steps folks can use in growing their ability to do better demos. A demo is a product story Demos are an intimate moment What is wrong with demos today People will forget the features but remember the narrative. Compressing the demo Do you have a demo matrix What is the ideal demo length The biggest thing you have to get over is indifference. How to use Product Led Growth for your demo
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    41 mins

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