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Boldly go where no one has gone before. Explore exotic new worlds and fantastic tales that appeared in the pages of the most popular pulp fiction magazines. Featuring award-winning Hollywood actors and unprecedented cinematic sound. Each audiobook provides the listener with a true "theater of the mind" experience.

The Super Sci-Fi & Fantasy Audio Collection, Volume 2 includes 13 stories: "The Tramp", "Beyond All Weapons", "When Shadows Fall", "Greed", "One Was Stubborn", "Strain", "The Invaders", "Tough Old Man", "Battling Bolto", "Final Enemy", "The Automagic Horse", "A Can of Vacuum", and "240,000 Miles Straight Up".

Please Note: "The Invaders" and "Strain" are stories in Beyond All Weapons. "Tough Old Man" and "Battling Bolto" are stories in When Shadows Fall. "The Automagic Horse" and "Final Enemy" are stories in Greed. "A Can of Vacuum" and "240,000 Miles Straight Up" are stories in One Was Stubborn.

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Critic Reviews

"[U]nabashedly entertaining books." (Kevin J. Anderson)
"The music is stellar, as are the otherworldly sound effects.... [P]olished production makes these speculative stories good listening." (Audiofile)

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