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  • What if all of a sudden you learned that all of the coincidences in your life, weren't really coincidences? They were actually clues from the Universe about your soul's calling, about the path you should take, and about what exactly you should say 'yes' and 'no' to. Would you pause long enough to examine what these synergies could mean? Would you follow your intuition and this divine guidance or would you simply brush it aside and ‘ignore all of the signs’? The Sh*t's About to Get Crazy podcast where Cassandra and her guests take a deep dive into the many synchronicities life has to offer.
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  • Feb 22 2022

    In this podcast episode, Cassandra goes back to a topic she spoke with Meg about last week, and that topic surrounds food and using food and plants as medicine. Cassandra is a huge fan of plant medicine, it’s involved in her day to day life. Now, usually when talking about plant medicine, psychedelics are usually what comes to mind. However, Cassandra wants to talk about using nature’s food as plant medicine.

    After having her most recent baby, Cassandra has really started to look at food in a different light. Growing up, we were always taught that there was ‘good food’ and that there is ‘bad food’. Good food being things that are veggies, and things low in fat. And bad things are higher in fat and calories. She wants to flip that script and start looking at food in a healing vs delayed healing aspect.

    Will this food help heal my body or will it delay the healing?

    It’s now that Cassandra has started teaching her own children about food, and teaching them that food is a source of energy, vitamins, minerals… AND that we do get satisfaction out of food, and that’s okay!

    Come on in. Listen as Cassandra talks about how she went through different food aspects, diets, to now focusing more on healing and delayed healing. Know you’re not alone and there are many others just like you.

    Key Points:

    • Good food vs Bad food
    • Healing food vs Delayed healing food
    • Nature’s food as medicine 

    Tweetable quotes:

    “I truly believe that there is something in nature to heal almost any ailment.” - Cassandra

    “We are taught in our younger years that there is good food and bad food.” - Cassandra

    “There is no good vs bad. Every single thing that we put in our body, both positive and negative, can either help heal the body, or will delay healing.” - Cassandra

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    16 mins
  • Feb 15 2022

    In this podcast episode, Cassandra meets with Meg Pearson. Meg talks about how she came from a small town in Ontario to how she is now living in Costa Rica as a thriving mother and business owner. Through her traumas, to not following the family profession, she talks about how she went through so much, and how it shaped who she is today. 

    Cassandra prompts a conversation about how Meg knew things in her life needed to change. Meg recounts the traumas she went through, quitting her job, losing her father… how all of this played a huge part in her realizing she is not the person she was destined to become.

    With this in mind, Meg decided to turn to yoga. At first, she did it to find ways to better her body, and ‘sweat off the weight’... but it soon turned into so much more for her. Diving head first into the raw food world, she started hosting culinary classes, writing articles, and really teaching people the impact that diet has on their body.

    Cassandra and Meg talk about how our identities are so wrapped up in food pieces. How food defines so much of us, without us even realizing it. From the way we were brought up, to how we were spoken to about food, to the things we hear our family, friends, or parents talk about… Meg explains that these instances stay with us for the rest of our lives and are part of our soul.

    Moving the conversation to parenting, Cassandra asks Meg how her lifestyle has changed her parenting style. The main thing Meg talks about with Cassandra is making sure that her child feels like they are the one making choices for themselves, and that Meg’s trauma’s as a child aren’t pushed onto her child. Reparenting herself and constantly auditing her actions and reactions to behavior, has become something Meg does daily.

    Come join us and listen as we take a journey of food, family, and other spiritual aspects of life with Cassandra and Meg.

    Key Points:

    • Reparenting and Auditing Reactions to Behavior
    • Spiritual Bypass vs Extraction
    • How Childhood Trauma’s Shape Us 
    • How Food Plays a Large Part of our Life


    IG: https://www.instagram.com/alignedaffluence/
    Website: https://www.meghanpearson.ca/

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  • Feb 8 2022

    In this podcast episode, Cassandra goes back to a topic she spoke with Liz about last week, and that topic is conscious parenting. She explains that the use of the word conscious parenting would mean that we would need to believe there are unconscious parents, and this has a very negative connotation. 

    Cassandra is a firm believer, either positive or negative, all of us are doing the best with what we are given, worked through and healed through. She believes parents can find themselves falling into a rut of repeating the errors of previous life experiences, might those be conscious or unconscious life choices.

    We need to dissect our programming and look under the hood. We don’t know any better than what we were taught. It’s how we were set since childhood.

    No matter the amount of healing and therapy, even Cassandra has triggers from her childhood that she is still working through with her children. And that’s okay. Reparenting of ourselves through our children is a great way to work through those triggers and pause before reacting.

    Come on in. Listen as Cassandra talks about herself and her parenting. Know you’re not alone and there are many other parents just like you.

    Key Points:

    • Working through your own self detachment
    • Parenting is hard
    • Childhood triggers and how they affect us now 
    • Where can you exercise getting yourself out of fight or flight?

    Tweetable quotes:

    “Parenting is f*cking hard. Parenting without a model and without someone who could have taught you some of the right things to do is especially hard.” - Cassandra

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