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  • Children of all faiths and religions will enjoy these Sikh stories of spiritual principles and consciousness (many based on stories from Sikhism). Stories highlighting universal values of helping others, compassion, prayer, courage, sharing, and the oneness of all people capture the hearts and imagination of children of all ages. As parents, you can rest assured that the message delivered to your children is positive, uplifting, and of good spirit. Who knows, they just may learn a valuable life lesson! For years SikhNet has presented the popular Audio Stories for Kids at SikhNet.com. These wonderful tales of Sikh history have entertained and enchanted an entire generation of children.
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  • Ajeet Singh: The Invincible Lion

    Jul 22 2021
    Introducing the story of Ajeet: the Invincible Lion, a story that is also a shabd! Or is it a shabd that is also a story...? Hi! My name is Ajeet Singh. My name means that I am an invincible lion. Sometimes I'm brave and fearless like a lion, and sometimes I'm not. After all, I'm just a kid. I learn so much every day.  At school there are some kids that bother me so much! It's really hard because there are 5 of them and only 1 of me.  They don't share or take turns. They think they are the best at everything and they get mad when I play with the toys. It's really hard to be around them.  I try to talk to them nicely, but it doesn't help. I try to ignore them, but it's so hard. I try everything, but they won't stop bothering me! I don't know what to do.  I come home and tell Mumma. She tells me to find the happiest kids with the biggest smiles at school and play with them instead. She tells me that everything is going to be okay and reminds me that I am an invincible lion. https://www.sikhnet.com/stories/ajeet-singh-invincible-lion (Read the story) Support this podcast
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    6 mins
  • Guru Arjan Dev Sacrifices for Truth

    Jun 15 2021
    Nothing in this world lasts forever. Everything is temporary… well there is something that actually does last forever, do you know what that is?   The truth.  Truth lasts forever. And the teachings of the True Guru are perfectly true. And do you know what happens when the world is confronted with Truth? The world freaks out. So you can imagine how much the world freaked out with Guru Arjan Dev, who wrote banis like Sukhmani Sahib, and who compiled the whole Aad Granth! Because he delivered the Ultimate Truth to the world, the worst ugliness and violence of the world came for him. But he knew these forces would come and accepted it as part of God’s Will. The world used two main people to create the drama of ugliness and violence. One was the emperor and one was a person in the emperor’s court. His name was Chandu, ... https://www.sikhnet.com/stories/guru-arjan-dev-sacrifices-truth (Read the story) Support this podcast
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    32 mins
  • The Stillness of Sri Teg Bahadur

    May 1 2021
    This is a story about a young man who some people thought spent too much time by himself. Who would have expected that the lonely youth would one day become the True Guru!? https://www.sikhnet.com/stories/stillness-sri-teg-bahadur (Read the story) Support this podcast
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