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  • Hey there! I’m Laura Johnson and this is the Shortcut Shopper Podcast. I'll share tips, lessons learned, and what I'm buying to help give you the shortcut you need through the noise of your never-ending purchasing decisions. I'm happy you're here!
    Laura Johnson 2021
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  • Apr 25 2022

    Episode 54 covers an array of topics ranging from a pillow that has changed my life to talk of facial brushes to woes of summer approaching and kids are out of school soon....oh my! Thank you for visiting and hope you find value in this episode!

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    Pondering Purchases
    Have you seen a Hydrotap faucet by Zip Water……this thing is a faucet that offers filtered boiling, chilled, or sparkling water and in any combination of those. Listen…it doesn't even have the price on the website….yikes. u know it's pricey but hey…i just dropped a ton of money on a mattress…maybe this is your mattress.
    Paired….it's an app for couples. you can only see their answer


    sleep number variacool contour pillow - i am liking it so far. I do think it has tremendously helped me.
    TrueGlow facial brush..returned it.

    amazon basics 3 shelf adjustable shelving unit
    peanut- app to help women find mom friends A safe space for women
    to meet and find support Connect with women who are at a similar stage in life–from fertility, pregnancy and motherhood through to menopause.

    Krispy Kreme every wed until May 4th …called "donut deflation" There is a limit of two dozen at the promotional price at participating shops nationwide at the drive-thru and for pick-up by ordering online and through the Krispy Kreme app. a dozen of donuts is being priced as the national average price of a gallon of regular gasoline in the United States

    Epic and Lego partner to build a metaverse for kids- whatever they design is going to be a family-friendly virtual space from the beginning.

    Hershey Kisses may become official state candy of Pennsylvania. originated with a middle school social studies project

    Dave & Buster's is acquiring Main Event, but they are keeping the same name.

    You can order custom fit Amazon shirts. To use Made for You, the customer will measure their body with the Amazon app. They’ll first enter their height, weight, body style, and upload two photos. Made for You’s 3D scan technology will then use this data to determine the customer’s body measurements. Of course, those who had already ordered from Made for You in the past don’t have to repeat the process to buy the new shirt — they can just customize their new shirt and place an order.

    As customers browse the various style options on the service, they can also visualize the fit of the shirt on an avatar through Made for You’s virtual try-on technology. This gives them a better idea of what the clothing would look like on their own body.

    Walmart launched AI powered virtual clothing ….pick your model, enter weight, and height then you scroll to see who you best identify with.

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  • Mar 30 2022

    Episode 53 touches on travel, making money as a side hustle, my very expensive purchase I can't wait to receive, and much more. Today is a normal style episode where I talk through what products/services I'm pondering, trying, loving, and instead of ending the episode with the typical consumer news…..I'm adding a new segment….called Shock and Awe. It's a segment where I'll explore ways you can make money on the side to bring in a little more cushion to your household income.

    SHOW NOTES: This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any extra, and I earn a small commission. I’d also like to call attention if prices I mentioned in this episode were prices I paid at the current time and may not reflect the prices you would pay at the time of reading or listening to this.

    Laura Lesson
    Global entry is great because:
    -YOUR KIDS GET TO GO WITH YOU (If under age 12)
    -No processing lines
    -No paperwork
    -Access to expedited entry benefits in other countries
    -Available at major U.S. airports
    -Reduced wait times
    -TSA Pre✓® Eligibility
    Find out all the details here:

    Pondering Purchases
    shelf liner for refrigerator...Here is one I found on amazon. Here is what my friend purchased at The Container Store.
    Sleep Number
    What do I call myself….I live.

    Update on house cleaners

    Chloe is now officially spayed.
    Chloe's bodysuit instead of cone
    Polyblend Grout Renew grout paint- made my shower look refreshed…all for nothing.

    Shock and Awe
    Neighbor Storage- @neighborstorage….passive income without the hassle.

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  • Mar 10 2022

    In Episode 52, you'll learn some tips on handling multiple Amazon returns under one return QR code. By doing this, you'll get in and out of the return store so much faster AND all the people standing in line behind you will appreciate you. :) I also talk about a fun St. Patrick's Day breakfast product, ordering food in the McDonald's app, the first pharmacy in the Metaverse, and more! 

    SHOW NOTES: This post contains affiliate links. You don’t pay any extra, and I earn a small commission. I’d also like to call attention if prices I mentioned in this episode were prices I paid at the current time and may not reflect the prices you would pay at the time of reading or listening to this.

    Laura Lesson
    Returning multiple items to amazon….so you're not the person holding up the line with 10 separate returns. However, things have changed a bit and I didn't realize this….
    look closely to see if you need to repackage the return yourself or not
    Ups is not my favorite place to return Amazon packages.
    Kohls in my area is actually becoming my favorite place to return…..Wholefoods is my 2nd.
    Here are screenshots: when you pull up your app, click return item, then select Add more items to return.

    Pondering Purchases
    Ripping out my front yard terrible landscaping and putting raised beds in there. I'd love a Birdies raised Bed from Epic Gardening or straw bale gardening. Here's the straw bale gardening book I told you about.
    Why am I going somewhere cold as a vacation???
    Mini Shamrock Waffle Maker in honor of St. Patrick's Day

    Winter socks for the girls for our upcoming trip. ankle socks
    still trying Chloe's clippers. Chloe Wahl Arco Cordless Pet Clipper Kit

    Chloe's surgery is coming up. No more diapers!
    Amazon's Try Before You Buy option
    - golf shoes, snow clothes
    McDonalds app….plus you earn rewards.

    Consumer News
    McDonald's is now serving plant based burgers.
    Coffee Mate is having a new flavor of creamer…drumstick vanilla sundae cone
    My Whole30 episode
    CVS Health is looking to be the first pharmacy in the metaverse.

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