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Separating Yourself from a Poor Outcome in a High Conflict Divorce or Custody Battle: (In 20 Minutes)

Divorce Court, Book 8
By: J.B. Snow
Narrated by: Bobby Pierce
Length: 22 mins

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Publisher's Summary

We see people on the news all the time; the ones who struggle to handle the high conflict divorce. Even the most level-headed people let the court process rattle their nerves. People who have been terrorized and traumatized by an abusive partner usually have few coping mechanisms left to deal with the unfair, unjust court process that they are often put through against their will. Even the best people do things they wouldn’t normally do in order to maintain a feeling of control over their situation.

In 20 minutes, you'll learn how to separate yourself, emotionally, from the outcome of the court case. We will help you to recognize that the blueprint of your life and your identity doesn’t have to take this outcome as a failure. This outcome doesn’t define you, and it doesn’t define the rest of your life. Even if the unimaginable happens (you lose your children and all your belongings to a narcissistic or psychopathic ex), you can still regain your sense of identity. Many people before you have done this, and many people after you will pick themselves up out of the shambles that thefamily court system made of their lives.

This Divorce Court series will help you learn how to handle the personalities that you will come across, how to become more likable to the other people in the courtroom, how to soothe the stress you are under, what feelings and emotions you experience when going through the court process, how to cope with losses, and learn the strategies that the narcissist will use against you that you must be ready for. Listen to this book, then listen to the other books in the series for a full spectrum strategy in dealing with the narcissist in and out of court.

This book refers to the narcissist as a "he", but the narcissist in the relationship and divorce proceedings can also be a "she". The pronouns are interchangeable for the purposes of this book.

Recognize that you cannot control the outcome.

In most things, how much participation you put in matters. In court, however, being overly involved in the court proceedings, giving the court too much information to look over, tampering too much in what the lawyers are negotiating, and acting as an authority in front of the judge will get you into hot water. 

The amount of effort you put into the court case will often not change the outcome. Being likable in court will help, standing down from being preachy and righteous will help. A myriad of other habits that I describe in my other Divorce Court series books will also help you. But putting a slew of effort in to control every aspect rather than letting the court personnel do what they were hired to do won’t help your case much.

Even worse, it will make you...

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