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Life Bites Series. Selfishness is not a very nice trait to have. The result of selfishness can lead to loneliness, illness, being cranky, having no friends, missing out in life, isolation and disrespecting yourself. Strangely enough it is selfish people that think they are generous and the generous think they haven't given enough.

Selfish people always stand back in life unless something is free then they are at the head of queue, they become mean and calculating in everything they do. Little if anything is done from the heart, there always has to be that element of "what's in it for me".

They are not to be trusted as such as they have a plethora of excuses to get out of doing things and excuses longer than one cares to mention. They will frequently chop and change their mind unless there is a payment involved and then that usually defines their answer quite openly.

©2013 John S Rushton (P)2013 John S Rushton

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