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Publisher's Summary

Terry Brooks is one of a handful of writers whose work defines modern fantasy fiction. His 23 international best sellers have ranged from the beloved Shannara series to stories that tread a much darker path.

Armageddon's Children is a new creation - the perfect opportunity for listeners unfamiliar with Brooks's previous work to experience an author at the height of his considerable storytelling powers.

Logan Tom is doomed to remember the past and determined to rescue the future. Far behind him lies a boyhood cut violently short by his family's slaughter, when the forces of madness and hate swept our world after decadent excesses led to civilization's downfall.

Somewhere ahead of him rests the only chance to beat back the minions of evil that are systematically killing and enslaving the last remnants of humanity. Logan has sworn an oath to seek out a remarkable being born of magic, possessed of untold abilities, and destined to lead the final fight against darkness.

Across the country, Angel Perez, herself a survivor of the malevolent death-dealing forces combing the land, has also been chosen for an uncanny mission in the name of her ruined world's salvation. From the devastated streets of Los Angeles, she will journey to find a place - and a people - shrouded in mystery, celebrated in legend, and vital to the cause of humankind...even as a relentless foe follows close behind, bent on her extermination.

Meanwhile, in the nearly forsaken city of Seattle, a makeshift family of refugees has carved out a tenuous existence among the street gangs, mutants, and marauders fighting to stay alive against mounting odds - and something unspeakable that has come from the shadows in search of prey.

In time, all their paths will cross. Their common purpose will draw them together. Their courage and convictions will be tested and their fates will be decided, as their singular crusade begins: to take back, or lose forever, the only world they have.

Listen to more in Terry Brooks' Shannara series.
©2006 Terry Brooks; (P)2006 Brilliance Audio

Critic Reviews

"Characterizations are dynamic and multidimensional...the action and battles are mesmerizing, and, as is Brooks' wont, the ending is a cliff-hanger that leaves readers salivating for the sequel." (Booklist)
"Dick Hill commands the text with a stern voice but knows just how to lighten his tone to reflect the atmosphere." (AudioFile)

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The start of something really good

I'm surprised by the negative reviews. I came to this book not knowing it was a "Shannara" book and so had no preconceptions of what it should be--and I enjoyed it thoroughly. I am eager to get the next two installments and see what happens next. I really enjoy books with long plots, so I was not at all worried about the way the story develops. I just let it carry me along and enjoyed the ride. I will say one thing about the reader, and that is that he appears to have gone to the William Shatner School of Public Speaking. He has a very staccato delivery that can be a little hard to enjoy, but I got engrossed in the story any way and didn't let it bother me.

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  • Lore
  • SAN JOSE, CA, United States
  • 02-10-13

OK story that ends in a cliffhanger

I read the original Shannara books when I was younger and really enjoyed them. I also listened to them again recently in audio format and did not find them as entertaining as I thought I would, especially since some of them cost me 2 credits. However, I did enjoy spending time with the characters I remembered from many years ago so nostalgia carried me through.

With the Genesis of Shannara, Terry Brooks goes back in the Shannara timeline to tell how our reality transitions into that of Shannara which is a more traditional fantasy setting populated by elves, dwarves, trolls, etc. I found that to be an interesting concept so I picked this one up with some high hopes.

While this isn't a bad book, I was slightly disappointed with multiple things. First off, the downfall of our civilization is well under way when the book starts so you don't get much of the initial transition from normal to Armageddon. Second, the characters are all ok, but not as interesting as I would have hoped for and some of the concepts like "the elves have always been here" just didn't resonate well with me. And lastly, this is a major cliffhanger on multiple fronts. One of the worst cliffhangers I have read, meaning that multiple big events are underway and all left unresolved, which left me pretty unsatisfied at the end.

So if you plan to go "all in" on the series go ahead and pick this one up, but if you want to dip your toe in the water first you will likely find yourself with the same dilemma I have: Do I take a chance that book 2 will leave me satisfied when book 1 didn't, or do I just walk away now? Do I buy book 2 simply because Terry Brooks left me out to dry with the ending of book 1?

I thought Dick Hill did a decent job on the narration and I do not share the negativity expressed by many other reviewers. Dick Hill is a veteran narrator with a large body of work, and I tend to enjoy his narrations even if he isn't my favorite narrator.

13 of 15 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Anthony
  • Glenshaw, PA, USA
  • 05-22-08


This book got be hooked on audible. Well written, perfect narration, and well paced. I'm a long time fan of Terry and this is one of his best stories. You will not be disappointed.

15 of 18 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • David
  • Washington, DC, United States
  • 11-08-08

Enjoyed it, but with reservations

I'm a longtime Terry Brooks fan and read the original Shanara books for the first time in high school. I've devoured every new book, even as quality has declined and themes have become repetitive, and this trilogy has been no different. I have my reservations though. The first black character that I can remember in any Brooks book is a charicature with an attitude problem (even worse, named "Panther"), and the narrator doesn't improve the situation by voicing him as a jive-talkin' throwback stereotype. Also, even with the new, post-apocalyptic backdrop, many of the themes are rehashed from earlier Shannara books. You should read (or listen to) this book, but be aware that you are not getting the best of Brooks.

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Probably Fantastic in print...

...but not so great in audio. There were so many characters that it was difficult for the reader to maintain a unique vocalization for each. Also, if you were looking at the text, it was probably indicated by paragraphing, italics, spaces between text, etc... that the author was switching characters, time, and/or place. Unfortunately, the reader of this book wasn't able to to the greatest job of this. Eventually it became tedious for me to always be trying to make sense of who was talking and what their differences were. Again, the action and story line is good, maybe even great, but not so well performed in THIS particular audio version. My advise- definitely read it after borrowing it from your local library!

2 of 2 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
  • Colin
  • atascadero, CA, United States
  • 10-13-09

Review for the series

This series was...okay. Not the best writing and the characters could be pretty 1 dimensional and dense but it was mostly entertaining.

My biggest complaint was the narrators; both are terrible. Dick Hill might be good for the mostly male "Reacher" series but both he and Phil Gigante (who narrates books 2+3) are horribly melodramatic and make anyone young sound like a whiner and females sound like flamboyant males. Seriously, the overly-dramatic reading was almost enough to drain all the fun from these books when in reality they might not be literary classics but are entertaining at least.

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A surprise find!

This was my first introduction to Terry Brooks and a rather serendipitous one, at that. I've read a slew of Armageddon-themed novels, most of them interesting, but have come to resist acquiring new ones, instead, looking for different themes novels. If not for's twofer offer, I may have passed this up. After finishing it, I would have regretted that decision had I eventually decided to pick it up sometime in the future.

The author tells a tale of Earth desolated and humanity broken by nuclear annihilation, the aftermath of which opened the door for demonic forces to more freely enter and roam the devastated world to pick over what remains of human existence and use them for their twisted pleasures. To counter this torrid of inhumanity, there also rose from the devastation a very few humans who were gifted with magical powers with the sole directive to save as much of humankind as they can before the final demonic onslaught ends it for good.

The story evolves around three such would-be saviors and the authors takes care to unfold their backstories in a kind of deferred flashback process, where the listener is fed small tantalizing morsels of each of these characters along the way, which I enjoyed.

Dick Hill provides an excellent narration of the story, from clearly differentiating between genders, demons and heroes.

Onto book 2!

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  • Overall
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  • Mike
  • Highland, UT, United States
  • 11-09-11

Story was very good Terry Brooks Shines

Great book content and story.

Very dissapointed in Reader. Avoid all Dick Hill Narrations! He doesn't take the time to learn how to pronounce the names of key book Characters. It really put me out but if it wasn't for book content and being Terry Brooks book I would not have listened beyond the first 10 minutes.

1 of 1 people found this review helpful

  • Overall

Brooks & Hill - what a combination!

I loved Terry Brooks' Magic Kingdom series years ago and this story has me hooked AGAIN. I enjoyed Dick Hill immensely! He adds so much to the moods and emotions in the story. I just downloaded the next two books in the series! I recommend this to anyone who loves a GREAT "read". If you think you don't care for the fantasy genre, this might change your mind.

3 of 4 people found this review helpful

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Good, but hard to follow

I enjoyed the story, but found it a difficult one to listen to. I like Dick Hill's performances, but not this one. The narration was hard to follow as the story jumped back and forth between characters and locations. There were no real breaks between chapters or when the story switched between characters or locations. If you can't devote your full attention to the story you will have to rewind frequently to figure out when the story changed. Mr. Hill seemed like he wasn't interested in this project because his reading was unusually flat for this complicated story.

2 of 3 people found this review helpful