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  • STRONG DADS is hosted by Merrill Hutchinson and Kyle Crofford. STRONG DADS strives to be an informative and entertaining discussion for all men but in particular, husbands and fathers. Our message is straight shooting, challenging, and encouraging to men that desire to follow their calling to be the man God designed them to be. We make no apologies for grounding our message in the Word of God. We also admit to being flawed. We readily admit to being sinners and challenged in many ways, however, we also know we are loved and called by God to be Strong Dads! With the help of local sponsors and the word spreading through listeners like you, Strong Dads is committed to building and strengthening families. The mission is to equip and empower dads to be all God created them to be.
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  • May 18 2022

    We all have faith.  The question is, what is our faith based on?  Do we make decisions based on what science has proclaimed as fact or truth, or do we use something else as our foundation?  Many of us have completely fallen to the idea that science is the end all be all for determining how we make our decisions.  But, we must proceed with caution.  In this show, Hutch and Kyle discuss the many times that science has gotten it wrong.  What was once consider fact has turned into being fiction.  This does not mean that we throw science to the curb.  Not at all!  What it means is we must understand what science is and how it is meant to be used.  

    Science is especially great for the physical world.  It has the potential to reveal and not create. We discover things that have already been created.  Science is a great tool that we can use to look into the physical world.  Science is so great, but so limited.  Science can be marred with scandal and prejudice.  People often leading the science will see what they want to see and believe what they want to believe.  

    So where does God come into the equation?  God's Word is not meant to be a physical science book.  It has little intention in revealing the details of creation.  Rather, God's Word is purely intended for human consumption. No other organism needs to read it or understand it because all other organisms naturally flow within it.  But man is different.  Man has the ability to reason and think for himself.  He has the ability to choose. Because of this free-will, God recognizes that we needed more than any other organism, a manual or text to help us know how we should behave in God's nature.  We have God's Word that speaks to our relationships with others and Him.  He gives us detailed instructions on how to make decisions and live a life that is in accord with Him.  

    So, when it comes to Science or God, we really want to use both with God's word being the foundation for science and everything else.  God's word reveals his creation as it pertains to mankind. Science reveals God's nature as it pertains to all physical matter.  Both are to be used to help us live our physical and spiritual lives in this existence. 


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  • May 12 2022

    Abortion has been a hotly debated topic for decades in the United States.  It has largely been consider a "woman's right" topic, her right to choose.  But what do men have to do with this topic?  Men tend to walk away from this subject or sometimes are pushed away.  Either way, they are not involved in this topic like they deserve to be.  

    Kyle and Hutch take on the topic of abortion, but approach it from the call to men. The call to step up and follow God's direction on how to treat a woman and father a child.  Men often choose to step out of the abortion topic because they understand how fast the finger or responsibility could be pointed at them.  Strong Dads welcome this responsibility.  Strong Dads understand that the thing that separates a man from a boy is the willingness to take on responsibility.  Especially responsibility for someone other than yourself.  

    God's word is very clear about how a man is to treat sexual relations within the marriage.  The Word is clear because God's nature is clear.  When we don't follow it, bad things happen, i.e. sin.  Abortion is without a doubt sin as we are taking the life of an innocent child.  But the sin is not solely on the shoulders of women. The sin is on men and women for choosing to live a life of self satisfaction at the expense of another individual.  

    In our heart we all know abortion to be wrong.  Us men could go a long way in reducing the incidence of abortion simply by being good men as God calls us to be.  As a society it's time to look in the mirror for this solution. 

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  • May 5 2022

    True leadership is hard!  We spend years as parents, teachers, and coaches preaching the importance of our youth becoming leaders.  But, as many of us have seen over the past couple of generations, we have not seen the good leaders that we hoped for.  We now have a greater need for good leaders now than ever.  What has happened to all of our preaching and teaching?  Why aren't we getting more and more great leaders? 

    The answer is more complicated than just teaching about leadership.  The answer has much more to do with what our youth are seeing on a day to day basis from the leaders in their lives.  They are watching the actions of their parents, and primarily their fathers.  Fathers are by they very nature, teachers of leadership in the home.  As the fatherless crisis has become epidemic in our country we have seen a greater deficit in quality leadership.

    Let's be clear, there is no shortage of people willing to call themselves leaders.  That might be part of the problem.  So many of us believe that because we took a leadership course or found ourselves in charge of something, that we automatically consider ourselves qualified. 

    In this show, Hutch and Kyle challenge Strong Dads to step up to what good leaders must develop and do in their homes.  They talk about the basis of service and sacrifice for those you are leading.  They talk about living out what love really is. This show contains great insights into helping you as a man grow into the leader that your family needs and deserves.


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