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Publisher's Summary

A tale of seduction, betrayal, and redemption.

Like all of us, Michael Anders has a dream. Ever since he was a kid in junior rodeo, he has dreamed of becoming a world-champion rodeo cowboy - riding bulls and bareback horses, scoring high, winning big buckles, basking in the glory. And now it all seems within his reach.

Michael has filled his permit and is now a full member of the Professional Association of Rodeo Cowboys. So he sets out on this rodeo run with his two traveling partners, Kirby Jordan and Jim Ed Sarkos. They start out in Texas, then hit some small shows in western Kansas, and then wind up at the big state fair rodeo in New Canaan, Iowa. And that's where Michael hits his groove, setting arena records and taking the loot.

It's also where things begin to unravel. Michael discovers - again, like most of us - that those shining hopes and dreams are often more than a little tarnished when we draw near them. Still, it's a heck of a ride.

Jump into the world of pro rodeo cowboys - both the good and not-so-good. Feel the arena dirt, taste the beer and hotdogs, smell the diesel smoke, and meet the women. It's a wild ride and a rare glimpse of life behind the chutes.

Set somewhere in the late 1970s when PRCA rodeo was probably at its best, Ride On is a novel that deals with rodeo, but is also much more. It examines bondage to a dream and a certain kind of redemption. It's a fun, action-packed story that takes a hard, true-to-life look at pro rodeo and rodeo cowboys and the relationships that develop along the way.

©2015 Michael Hearing (P)2017 Michael Hearing

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